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Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Morning Meme

A Little About Us

snagged from Sweet Memes

The basic facts:
Who is your significant other? Carl
How long have you been together? since February 1984--23+ years
Dating/Engaged/Married? Married.
How old is your S.O.? 48
What’s his/her middle name? Wilhelm

Which one?
Who eats more? He does.
Who says "I love you" first? Both.
Who weighs more? He does.
Who sings better? Me.
Who’s older? Him.
Who’s smarter? Carl says I am, and I'd hate to disagree with him.
Whose temper is worse? His. Definitely.
Who does the laundry? Me. Unless Dagny's here, then she takes over.
Who does the dishes? Carl, 90% of the time. Which is really nice because we don't have a dishwasher.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He does, here. It changes in different rooms, like when we move or are at a hotel or something.
Whose feet are bigger? His.
Whose hair is longer? Mine. He's an Army officer--his hair never gets to his ears.
Who’s better with the computer? He used to be, but I am now.
Who mows the lawn? He does, unless he's conned one of the boys into doing it.
Who pays the bills? I do. Always have.
Who cooks dinner? It's about 50/50 depending on the state of my health.
Who drives when you are together? He does.
Who pays when you go out to dinner? He does.
Who's the most stubborn? LOL! me.
Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong? Carl.
Whose parents do you see more? His. Well, his mom, anyway. It's only partly because we're on the same continent. It's also because she's the one most interested in seeing us.
Who named your dog? The friend who found her wandering the streets in Corpus Christi.
Who kisses who first? I demand the kisses, he provides them. LOL
Who asked who out? Uh...we just sorta started hanging out together.
Who's more sensitive? He is.
Who's taller? He is.
Who has more friends? I have more friends, but he sees his more frequently.
Who has more siblings? We each have one brother.
Who wears the pants in the relationship? He says I do, because though I'm not bossy, I do have veto power. I think he has veto power, too, but he never uses it. Almost all decisions are pretty mutual.

Note: I changed a couple of things so they could apply to men or women.

I had to do some searching for a meme this morning, because I was too tired to do a Smart Bitches Day post. This one appealed to me because I'm feeling all warm & fuzzy about Carl today. Awwww...

I'll tag:
and anybody else who wants to play.



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Interesting answers, Darla. What even more interesting is what I learn more about you :)

Remind me to never try to aurgue with stubborn person... *grin* *duck head*........*smooches* :)
Heh. What makes things even more fun for Carl is that Curran inherited my stubborn streak. :)
Ooooh all right . . . I'll do it this evening. But I'm not posting middle names. Karen would kill me.
Mine's up! ;)
LOL Darla, Carl just have to fight and kill two stubborn bird with one stone LMAO!
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