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Thursday, September 13, 2007

TT #65

Thirteen Sniglets*
Part Three
*a word that's not in the dictionary, but should be

I'm sure you've heard of Sarchasm: The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn't get it. Here are some more words in the same vein:

  1. Mouse Potato (MAWS-puh-tay-tuh) n. The on-line, wired generation's answer to the couch potato.
  2. Ohnosecond (oh-no-SE-kund) n. That minuscule fraction of time in which you realize that you've just made a BIG mistake (like after hitting "Send" on an email by mistake).
  3. Rignition (rig ni' shun) - n. The embarrassing action of trying to start one's car with the engine already running.
  4. Scribblics (skrih' bliks) - n. Warm-up exercises designed to get the ink in a pen flowing.
  5. Shoegating (shü-gāt'ĭng)- (v.) Walking behind someone at a distance too close for comfort, much like tailgating in a car.
  6. Somnambapologist (som nam ba pol' uh jist) - n. Person too polite to admit he was sleeping even when awakened at three in the morning.
  7. Squatic Diversion (skwa' tik dy vur' zhun) - n. Any pretended activity that commands a dog owner's attention while the dog relieves itself on a neighbor's lawn.
  8. Turfigee and Pedigee (ter' fih jee and ped' ih jee) - n. The two extreme target points of a rotary lawn sprinkler, TURFIGEE being the safest point at which to walk past, PEDIGEE being the most dangerous.
  9. Unanimosity (yü-năn'ə-mŏs'ĭ-tē)- (n.) The result when everyone is in agreement, but nobody likes what they agreed upon.
  10. Vodkracy (VOD kra see) - (n.) The process by which all the world's socio-economic problems are put to rights by the consumption of large quantities of alcohol.
  11. Wondracide (WUN druh side) - n. The act of murdering a piece of bread with a knife and cold butter.
  12. Youthemism (yüth'ə-mĭz'əm) - (n.) Any story or term invented for the purpose of explaining to a young child a concept or phenomenon that he or she is too young to properly understand.
  13. Zipcuffed (zip' cuft) - v. To be trapped in one's trousers by a faulty zipper.

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The ones about the doggie do and the cold butter made me snort. Thx for the laugh!
I've always loved ohnosecond, and youthemism is great - we've got loads of those at our house.
Love the sniglets, especially the wondracide. Happy TT.
I've had a couple of ohnoseconds, and I love #9 and #10, and ... well so many of them.
I know all about rignition and shoegating. My kids are masters of the latter.

Funny list!
I used to be into scribblics, but then I bought nicer pens. And no, I'm not going to launch into the story of my favorite pen. I'll save it for later.
I think Vodkracy would go over wonderfully in the UN.
Some of those made me laugh, like #3 - pretty clever :-)

Happy TT13
Oh, those are cute -- I read them out loud to hubby! Thanks for the giggle fit! :)

Happy T13, and thanks for visiting mine.
My fave is number two! I've had the feeling so many times it's only right that it have a name.
I'm Number One!

-- the Mouse Potato
Oh I've had my share of Ohnoseconds...too many actually! What a fun post!
Okay this was hyterical. Thanks so much for the laugh. I think ohnosecond is a word that I commonly experience.

Great words, I love these lists!
Thanks for visiting my IJmuiden TT. Sorry I'm this late for my return visit!
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