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Thursday, September 06, 2007

TT #64

Now! With more clickable links!

Doug asked where I went. Here's the answer:

  1. To the little Döner place here in town--I can never remember the name of it. I had a Lamacun. (or here) Yummy.
  2. Neunkirchen, to the
  3. Saarpark-center mall.
  4. They had Sommer-Schlussverkauf, and much as I hate shopping, I ended up with 2 pair of boots, 5 shirts, and 2 dresses. Carl was smart--we got one of the pair of boots first--they're very cute, brown leather, lace up the back, thin straps all over them... I was powerless to resist.
  5. After the shopping, we sat down at the Eiscafé Florenz and had ice cream and people-watched. I had a Waldbeer-becher. That is, a sundae with assorted fruit gelato, covered with mixed berries, and fresh (unsweetened) whipped cream on top. They don't have a menu online, but check this one out, or this one, and you'll get the idea. The pictures don't exaggerate.
  6. Saw a double feature at the Auto-Kino (drive-in theater): Knocked Up and Next. which I'll blog about eventually.
  7. Didn't have time to go out to dinner, so we got stuff from the snackbar--Currywurst & Pommes, and popcorn of course--though popcorn here is sweet, not salty, and not like kettle corn, either, with salt and sugar. I'ts just got the sugar. Takes some getting used to.
  8. Visited the in-laws in Bad König. Ate homemade Erdbeertorte, which looked a lot like this.
  9. Took a drive to Eberbach, along the Neckar river. Check out Eberbach's coat of arms. They take it seriously--there are boars everywhere--statues, sculptures on buildings, on signs, painted on walls, everywhere. Several of the buildings have marks on them showing how high the river has flooded the town--up to the second story in some cases--dating back to the 1500s.
  10. Went to dinner at the Pferdestall, which has the distinction of being relatively reasonably priced, and also has a wide variety on its menu, from the ultra-traditional wurst plate to.... well, this time there was something new: Jalapeño poppers. Only they didn't call them that--it was something like "chili pepper shells stuffed with fresh cheese." And they weren't quite sure what to do with them, so they served them with salad, fries, and two dips: garlic and a sweet cocktail sauce.
  11. Wasted an entire morning driving to and from Kleber Kaserne to get my ID card re-entered into the Installation Access Control System. About a half hour drive each way, plus the wait and the process, all because when they initially entered my ID card into the system, the clerk used the wrong date. If it hadn't been for one alert guard out of dozens who never said a thing, I'd never have known until I couldn't get in a gate, because my ID card doesn't expire for 4 more months. I did get lunch at the snack bar, though--a Philly cheese steak sandwich--so it wasn't a complete waste of time.
  12. Walked around the Ombachsee with Diva. About halfway around is a little Imbiss. When they see us coming, they bring out water for her.
  13. Where I haven't been is to the commissary. Which is a bit of a problem because the in-laws are arriving at lunchtime today to drop off their dog. They're going to Tunisia for 2 weeks. Hopefully, Carl will stop by the Edeka and pick up some Bratwurst and Brötchen so I can feed them.
None of which really explains why I've been absent for a week, but it's more interesting than tales of laundry and a stressed out high school senior and a college student who calls from 6000 miles away to say she can't find a parking spot and a broken DS and a miserable visit from aunt Flo and insomnia and beta marathons and a broken belt on the brand new vacuum cleaner and.... well, you get the idea.

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Thx for stopping by, Darla. Seeing as how I've seen ONE film in the theater this year, I'm looking forward to summer releases coming to video too. Having a 3 & 4yo in a new town (read: no babysitters yet) makes for night-out opportunities!
That's an interesting look into your life! I enjoyed to come along with you. :-)
My TT shares Thirteen quotes from lyrics by Robbie Williams.
Well, I'm glad you're back!
The cutie would have been there with for #1! It is something we can't find here and misses it :-)

It did take a bit of time getting used to the sweet popcorn, but now I like! And, yes, the cutie has been bbq'ing bratwurst all week for dinner.

Lovely TT darlin!
Very interesting evening. Fun post to read.
I really like how you laid out your trip with links to visuals. Plus getting to experience the trip vicariously. Much better than broken belts. :)
Linkies! Love me some linkies :o) I'll be visiting all of them next. Hope your day picks up and everything falls into place. I'm laughing at all the bad things going on. But that's because I'm evil and I think the saying is 'misery loves company'? Happy TT!
Yeah, that's definitely a better TT than all the other stresses you've been dealing with. It's happy! And it involves buying new clothes, something I'm extremely envious of!!
What a wonderfully foody blog today . . . and here I am eating cup o' noodles.

Thanks for the shout.
That is some yummy-looking food! Those sundaes look amazing!
What a fun tt! loved every single one of the links, specially the Erdbeertorte, yummy!
You sound very, very busy. Nice to see you again :)
I haven't had a lamacun since I was working in Turkey. Yum.
Wowie, what a cool T13! You've gone and made me hungry, LOL!

Happy T13, and thanks for visiting mine. :)
sounds like a full week but there is always room for blogging:>
Sounds like you were busy.
That sounded (and looked) fabulous! Can I come along next time?
You've been pretty busy, I don't know anything about most of what you said... But I do know that a cherry based sauce is really good with the Jalapeno Poppers :-0...
Happy TT13 :-)
Darla, sound like you had a great time celebrating it for your Anniversary! It great that you get to spent it with your husband through this full weeks :)

Sorry that I didn't do my T13 this week, I was just stuck on ideas now. Maybe you can help me out, with ideas for the next few Thursday hehehe. Happy T13!
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