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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Face to Face

***½ Face to Face by Rebecca York. Romantic suspense.

I've been slowly collecting Rebecca York's backlist. This one is from 1996, when Rebecca York =
Ruth Glick + Eileen Buckholtz.

I'm a sucker for amnesia stories, and while this won't go on my list of favorites, it was still a fun read.

After her car is forced off the road in an attempted murder, our heroine wakes up in a hospital room with amnesia. The only things she knows about herself are that she's pregnant (the doctor told her) and that according to the man who rescued her, her name is Justine Hollingsworth. The pregnancy seems familiar; the name doesn't, so she asks everyone to call her "Lisa."

Mike Lancer is a private investigator, and Mrs. Hollingsworth had offered him a mysterious job a week ago, saying she'd return in a week with the details. He saw her leaving his office building, and when she ignored him when he called her name, he followed her, which is why he saw the car force hers off the road and was able to rescue her.

The two work together to recover her memories and find out who was trying to kill her, and in the process, they become close. Mr. Hollingsworth is a mystery, and Lisa feels increasingly uncomfortable in Justine's life, yet she's hesitant to become too involved with Mike because whether she really is Justine or not, she is pregnant, which means there's a father out there somewhere, possibly someone she loves.

My main problem with this story is that there was just a little too much going on. The solution had just too many elements that weren't particularly necessary and just complicated matters. Still, it was a fun, quick read, and I'm always game for an amnesia story, even if they are unrealistic.


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Darla - I have only read under Rebecca York's books but not Ruth Glick or Eileen Buckholtz. I do enjoyed reading her MOON series, as you already know hehehe

Hey am tagging you, and I know you going to hate me now *duck head* hehehe....but honest, no pressure if you don't want to do it :)
Darla, OOPs! Here the link directly to it

My Desktop Free Review
Whoops. I think I wasn't very clear there.

Ruth Glick writes as herself (cookbooks, mostly), and as Rebecca York.

She used to collaborate with Eileen Buckholtz as Rebecca York. Clear as mud?

Thanks for the tag--it was fun, and it gave me an idea for yet another routine (just what I need, right?).
Darla - Ah, yes that is clear as mud. I never knew she collaborate with another author. Not sure, but have you read her other series beside the MOON one?

And...er...sorry about given you another routine to do LOL...
LOL--yes... I have all her latest books--some may still be in my TBR pile, but I like all her series, particularly the Beyond... series... if, you know, there weren't just one book so far in that one. (next one's out in December--finally!)

I'm collecting all her books, slowly but surely--it'll take a while, because she hit 100 a while ago.

BTW, you can see all the books of hers I've read (at least since 2005) by checking my index here: http://nichtszusagenindex.blogspot.com/2006/06/y.html
I have read the Beyond series and love the first book. I can't wait for the next one...

It was the "street" series that I wonder what you thought of....but I will take look in your index to see the reviews that you have done on Rebecca York..thanks for link :)
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