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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Beyond Seduction

**** Beyond Seduction by Kathleen O'Reilly. Contemporary romance.

Kathleen O'Reilly is one of the few authors I read in category. This is the last book of a trilogy--something I wasn't aware of, though I believe the others are in my TBR pile. Oh, well. I didn't get the feeling I was missing anything.

It seemed like a win-win situation. Mercedes Brooks's first book of erotica needed some publicity if it was to become a success, and Sam Porter's talk show needed a guest. Except that Sam prefers a little more seriousness to his topics, and Mercedes has been on his show before (ah--obviously something I did miss, in the earlier books), and it ended in disaster.

But part of the reluctance on both sides was their uncomfortable attraction for each other, and after a sexually-charged show, they act on that attraction.

Unfortunately, Mercedes's book came about because of her very popular sex blog, and even though she changes the names and identifying details, she blogs about their encounter the next day.

Which causes Sam no little consternation. Particularly since he's decided to run for congress.

This is a fun and sexy story with a serious side, as Mercedes and Sam's lifestyles conflict and they have to make some difficult decisions.

Mercedes's slew of posts after she realized she'd been modeling all her heroes after Sam were hilariously sexy... or sexily hilarious. And it's poignantly sweet (sweetly poignant--argh. make it stop!) how they're both willing to give up their dreams for each other.

It's not easily resolved, and the solution takes courage and determination from both of them, but the tension persists until the last page.

I believe I have all of Kathleen O'Reilly's books in my TBR pile. I'm looking forward to finding the first two of this trilogy... and maybe reading them in order this time.


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