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Thursday, August 23, 2007

TT #62

Thirteen Sniglets*
Part Two
*a word that's not in the dictionary, but should be

I'm sure you've heard of the Intaxication (n.): Euphoria at getting a refund from the IRS, which lasts until you realize it was your money to start with. Here are some more words in the same vein:

  1. Impotience - eager anticipation by men awaiting their Viagra prescription.
  2. Inebrionics (ĭn-ē'brē-ŏn'ĭks) - (n.) A nonstandard form of American English spoken by individuals under the extreme influence of mind altering chemicals, usually indigenous to certain stretches of sidewalks and public establishments.
  3. Java-vu (jah' vah-voo) n. - Phenomemon of constantly adjusting the sugar/cream level of your coffee to y our liking, only to have a waitress come along and ruin it again.
  4. JB point- (J B/ just because- poynt' ) - n. The point at which the parent of a child within the midst of a pediquerey is pushed to shout "Just because!" or, "Because God made it that way!"
  5. Kawashock (kah wah shahk') - n. Pulling into the last remaining parking spot only to discover a motorcycle there.
  6. Kinstirpation - A painful inability to move relatives who come to visit.
  7. Lodgecombing (loj' coh ming) - n. Final reconnaissance before vacating a motel room.
  8. Lullabuoy - An idea that keeps floating into your head and prevents you from drifting off to sleep.
  9. Magnocartic - n. Any automobile that, when left unattended, attracts shopping carts.
  10. Mummabolic Chorus (mum uh bah' lik ko' rus) - n. When three or more people are singing along to a tune and suddenly discover they are all faking their way through the unintelligible lyrics.
  11. Ninjury (nĭn'jə-rē) - (n.) An injury, usually a pulled groin muscle, sustained while trying to show off a cool martial arts move.
  12. Obliviot (ə-blĭv'ĭ-ət)- (n.) Someone who is completely unaware of their idiocy.
  13. Prestofrigeration: The peculiar habit, when searching for a snack, of constantly returning to the refrigerator in hopes that something new will have materialized.

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I like Ninjury. Too true:)
I'm going to use this to describe my 3 yr old son's boo-boo's.

Thank you for visiting my TT last week. This week I'm thanking my fellow TTer's. Come by and get your thanks!
ROFL! That made my day! Happy TT!
Prestofrigeration- love it. Great list. Happy TT.
Great list! Fauxcabulary rocks ;)
Very funny! Love the list!
Those are too funny.

Wasn't there a comedian who made up words like this? Rich Little?
Great words, I like language TT's!
Thanks for visiting Maia's picture show.
I love the creativity involved in the formation of these words. I think of myself as a creative person, but these put me to shame.
What a hoot! I'm going and checking out last weeks as well :-) When the kawashock happens I'm usually left the ramthestupidthing feeling.
Love these! We were just talking about sniglets (I'd forgotten that great terminology) the other night, and I remembered some great ones I'd read on someone's blog--I'd forgotten it was your blog. And now there are new ones!!
lol I love sniglets.

Dying @ ninjury.
Oh, these are blilliant. Thank you! Now I'm off to call some of my workmates obliviots. :o)
AI YI YI! Those are absolutely hilarious. So funny! I love sniglets, and those are delightful.

Happy T13, and thanks for visiting mine!
*rofl* Thanks for the laughs, chica! Happy T13!
Thanks for the laugh. I think my favorite might be Obliviot. I know so many of these.
Ok those are too funny! Super TT.
Interesting words, Darla!
Obliviot is my favorite, too. Describes most of the general populace, I fear.
Ha! Pretty funny, Happy TT13!
I love Rich Hall's Sniglets! My all-time favorite is psychophobia -- the compulsion to look behind the shower curtain when using someone else's bathroom. :D Too bad the books went out of print -- they're hard to come by these days.
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