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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Raven Prince

**** The Raven Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt. Historical romance.

I have no idea why this was in my TBR pile, and it's driving me nuts. Historical romance isn't really my genre, so it's not a book I'd take a chance on without a good reason. It's not signed, so I didn't get it from a charity auction. It's not in the database of Cherry books, and I don't recognize the author's name as a Cherry. No McNab recommended it. The SmartBitches didn't review it. It was mentioned in the comments on SmartBitches, but only in passing--no raves or anything. The only thing I can guess is that I read a review on someone's blog. If it was yours, please let me know, and accept my apologies for forgetting, and my thanks for the recommendation.

Anna Wren is nearly destitute, and the only solution she can think of is to find a job. Not an easy proposition in Regency England.

She lucks out when Edward de Raaf, the Earl of Swartingham, urgently needs a new secretary, his temper having rid him of his previous ones. The earl's steward is desperate, and hires Anna despite his misgivings.

It's a sweet story--the tortured hero (he's scarred from smallpox, his entire family including wife and child have died) and the valiant heroine first fighting their attraction, then liking each other, then falling in love, culminating in a disguised Anna meeting Edward in a brothel where he'd gone to... er... work off his attraction to her.

I don't have any real complaints, other than a vague feeling that the tone of the writing seemed rather more modern than I'm used to with a historical romance--there weren't any anachronisms or anything I can put my finger on, so maybe it's just my imagination or a taste issue. Mostly, the four stars is because it's a pleasant story that I enjoyed and am glad I read, but nothing extraordinary.


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I've read and reviewed it, and so has Rosario. Don't know if it was either of those reviews you read.
Thanks for helping me out, Marg! I do remember reading your review, and thinking that it was already in my TBR pile, so maybe it was Rosario's review that convinced me.
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