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Friday, August 24, 2007

Never a Bride

****½ Never a Bride by Amelia Grey. Historical romance.

I first discovered Amelia Grey with A Little Mischief, and proceeded to collect her backlist. Unfortunately, it's taken me until now to get to one of them. And this is another one that could be my August TBR challenge (read a book that contains your name or the name of someone you know), because, and this is highly unusual, the hero's name is Camden (also the name of my younger son). However, I read it in July. *sigh* I will catch up eventually. Maybe.

Mirabella is on a quest to discover who seduced and abandoned her cousin Sarah, which led to Sarah's suicide. Unfortunately, all Mirabella knows is that the man in question was a member of Society, and that he has a scar on his neck. This is the Regency era, however, and gentlemen don't go around with their necks bared. So she's been allowing them to kiss her, and using that excuse to feel their necks.

This being the Regency era, she's risking ruin, but Mirabella expects to remain unwed anyway, so it's not a big loss. She's betrothed--that is, a betrothal was arranged--but her prospective bridegroom has been... gone... for six years, and even should she be released from the agreement, her prospects would be poor after such a rejection.

Then, of course, who should show up but her betrothed, Camden Brackley, Viscount Stonehurst, and puts a monkey wrench in her plans.

Since they are the hero and heroine, and this is a romance, they fall in love. What complicates that is that Camden's had his heart broken before--by a woman who cheated on him. And here Mirabella is, with a reputation for kissing anyone who asks.

My only complaint is that Mirabella took too long to explain to Camden why she was doing what she was doing. Otherwise, I loved her schemes, and her determination to right a wrong, even at the expense of her own happiness, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching Camden battle his knee-jerk response and learn that all women aren't alike.


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