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Monday, August 20, 2007

Love on the Dotted Line

**** Love on the Dotted Line by David E. Talbert. Contemporary romance.

I bought this book a few months ago when I was looking for interesting new-to-me authors in Amazon's bargain bin. (It's not in there anymore, in case you're wondering.)

Morgan works at a law firm, so it makes sense that when she catches her boyfriend cheating on her (by way of a tennis bracelet she found in his closet that turned out to be a present for the other woman), she turns to the law for a solution.

Egged on by her best friend Altima, and Ophelia, the outspoken woman nobody likes, but who's somehow become part of their threesome, Morgan comes up with a dating contract, in which she promises great sex in return for honesty.

When she starts dating a sexy car dealer, she gets him to sign the contract. When she catches him cheating, she sues him.

This was a fun, fun read. Despite the occasional predictability (did anyone not know that the tennis bracelet in the closet was not for Morgan?), and the legal implausibility, which knocked it down to a 4-star read for me, it was fast-paced, funny, occasionally poignant, and sexy.

The characters were interesting, women you could relate to--well, hopefully not to Ophelia, but even she was three-dimensional, and we learn what's behind her prickly exterior. Mostly, it was a story of fun revenge, about sticking up for yourself and not settling for less than you deserve, and about the power of friendship.

I'll keep an eye out for more of David E. Talbert's books.


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