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Friday, August 24, 2007


**** BrigaDOOM by Susan Goodwill. Mystery.

I bought this book with no expectations at all to read for the Cherry Forums Book Club. Well, okay, I was pretty sure it wouldn't suck. But that's about all I knew about it. FYI: the archived book club discussion can be found HERE. That'll give you a hint of how long it's been since I read this--that is, how far behind I am.

Kate London's life just got very complicated. Her eccentric aunt announces they'll be reopening the old Egyptian theater with a production of Brigadoon in one month, not the three months she'd anticipated. And the Egyptian needs a lot of work--more, now that vandals have targeted it.

Then she discovers her fiance, Mayor Ronnie Balfours, cheating on her, and reacts in a perfectly rational way... or rather, she reacts the way we'd all like to react: she attacks him with a golf cart.

Adding anger management classes to her already busy schedule seemed like a lot... until the dead bodies started showing up, including Mayor Ronnie's in the trunk of her car. And being busy suddenly doesn't seem so bad, now that she's a murder suspect.

It doesn't help that the sheriff is an ex-lover, or that they still strike sparks off each other.

And did I mention the Naked Bandit?

Brigadoom is a fast-paced, fun story full of humor, twists and turns, unusual characters, emotion, and a touch of romance. I'm looking forward to the next Kate London mystery.


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What a nice surprise! Thanks to my Google alerts, I just got to see this. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Book number three is perking away and two (Little Shop) is on its way to galleys as we speak. I will post the cover September first when I update my website.
Cool! Is it the same cover they have on Amazon, or has it been changed?

Little Shop, btw, is already on my must-buy list. :)
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