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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

48 Hrs.

*** 48 Hrs. Action/Adventure.

Directed by: Walter Hill.

Starring: Nick Nolte, Eddie Murphy.

I watched this video in bits and pieces while exercising. No doubt that contributed to my lukewarm reaction.

Nick Nolte is Jack Cates, a worn-out cop who gets Reggie Hammond (Eddie Murphy) out of prison for 48 hours to try to catch Reggie's old partner.

It's the classic misfit partners action/adventure story with a good dose of humor thrown in (it is Eddie Murphy, after all).

And actually, both actors do really well, and are very convincing in the roles. I completely buy Nolte's character as a cop who's seen it all and isn't very happy about it. And Murphy is classic Eddie Murphy--the Eddie Murphy from SNL, not the sanitized Eddie Murphy who makes children's movies. You know, the one whose standup routine broke records for the most frequent use of the word "fuck."

It's just that they seemed to be in two different movies--Nick Nolte in a serious action/adventure, and Eddie Murphy in a comedy. There wasn't any chemistry between them. And that might be just me, because I just read a bunch of reviews on the IMDB that said otherwise. I know I liked it enough back in 1982 to buy the video.


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