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Monday, July 02, 2007


**** Sizzle by Jennifer Crusie. Contemporary romance.

It seems every author has one--the book they'd rather forget. This one is Crusie's.

Emily Tate is a marketing whiz. She's very good at her job, but has a tendency to go for results and forget about the cost. Then the company hires Richard Parker whose job is to keep the budget under control. Which puts them in direct opposition on Emily's latest perfume marketing campaign.

The chemistry between them sizzles, the ad campaign sizzles, and the perfume itself, thanks to Emily's brilliant idea and leaning on the R&D guy, sizzles (think warming massage oil).

Emily and Richard would have been able to deal with their professional differences except for one problem: Richard doesn't listen.

And that's really the only problem with this novella--Richard doesn't listen, Emily calls him on it, he promises never to do it again, then something comes up, and Richard doesn't listen, rinse, and repeat. Thing is, that's such a realistic problem, I wish there'd been a more dramatic solution to it.

Otherwise, it's vintage Crusie. Great fast-paced, witty dialogue, a wonderful best friend, and, well, sizzle.

It's obviously not Jenny's best work, but I enjoyed it, and am glad I got it, beyond just making my collection complete.


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Don't think I've seen this book before. Is this one of her older books, Darla?
Yes, it is. In fact, it's her first published book. Well, novella, really. It's very short.
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