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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Night Shift

**** Night Shift by Nora Roberts. Contemporary romance. Re-read.

This is the first book in the "Night Tales" series.

Cilla O'Roarke (note the last name!) is a popular late-night disc jockey. When she gets threatening phone calls night after night, her boss finally calls the police, over Cilla's objections.

Detective Boyd Fletcher and his partner Althea show up to take the case, and things progress pretty much how you'd expect them to.

Cilla's a pretty typical romance heroine--she's selflessly raised her younger sister Deborah on her own since the death of their parents; she denies she needs help; and she doesn't want to get involved with Boyd because he's a cop and might get killed on the job.

Despite the fact that the story is sort of about Cilla being threatened by a stalker, it's not really a mystery--that is, there aren't clues that the reader can follow and guess who the stalker is--it's just revealed at the end. Which is not really surprising, as this is a Silhouette, and thus too short to expand on the mystery without giving short shrift to the romance. The stalker's motivation is pretty good, though.

I only had one real objection, and that was the too-facile way in which a relationship between Boyd and Althea was dismissed. They're both single, attractive adults, and it's obvious that they're very good friends and care deeply for each other. Yet early on in the book, before Cilla really trusts him, Boyd tells Cilla that there's nothing between him and Althea and she accepts the statement without question. Not that I'd prefer a long, drawn-out Big Misunderstanding, but this was just a little too easy.

Ultimately, Night Shift is a nice, solid, entertaining romance novel, but nothing made it really stand out for me.


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I know this is an old original book cover, since I have seen the reprint cover of it -- in blue....I don't think I've reconized this as Nora's book since I'm use to seeing flowers or ojbects on her covers.
Hey Julia, I have the reissued copy! :D
Hi Melody - I have the blue reissues copy title Night Tales. A two stories in 1 book. We are disucssion this two stories for our reading group too :)
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