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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

An Honorable Thief

****½ An Honorable Thief by Anne Gracie. Historical romance.

A friend gave me this one after I was wowed by a previous book of Anne Gracie's.

Kit Smith has just buried her father. But before he died, he extracted a promise from her that she'd go to London and restore his honor. As part of his plan, she's posing as Kit Singleton, niece of the very respectable Rose Singleton.

Hugo Devenish's role in London is twofold: to straighten up his family's affairs and to apprehend the Chinese burglar who's been preying on the gentry. When his nephew and heir announces his plans to marry Miss Singleton, heiress to a diamond mine in New South Wales, of all places, Hugo decides he must investigate Miss Singleton.

And of course, we can all guess what happens then.

In some ways, An Honorable Thief is a fairly predictable Regency romance--that Kit herself is the thief, that she'll discover the deception behind the premise she's been operating under, that she and Hugo will fall in love, and that he will catch her in the act.

But there's more to it than that, and I didn't see the biggest twist of the book coming at all.

Then, too, there's wonderful chemistry between Kit and Hugo. They're attracted to each other's personality and intelligence as well as appearance, though trust is, unsurprisingly, an issue between the two of them. I did get impatient for Kit to spill the beans to Hugo a smidgen sooner than she actually did it, but she didn't keep me waiting too long, and I didn't get too terribly irritated with her.

I believe I have 3 or 4 more Anne Gracie books in my TBR pile. I'm looking forward to them.


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did you visit Anne Gracie`s homepage? She also seems to be one that's into collages while doing her books - like the Cherry ;-)


very interesting,
Doris in Munich
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