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Thursday, June 28, 2007

TT #59

Thirteen Sniglets*
Part One
*a word that's not in the dictionary, but should be

I'm sure you've heard of the Bozone (n.): The substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating. The bozone layer, unfortunately, shows little sign of breaking down in the near future. Here are some more words in the same vein:

  1. Accordionated (ah kor' de on ay tid) - adj. Being able to drive and refold a road map at the same time.

  2. Aeropalmics (ayr o palm' iks) - n. The study of wind resistance conducted by holding a cupped hand out the car window.

  3. Alponium (al PO nee um) - n. (chemical symbol: Ap) Initial blast of odor upon opening a can of dog food.

  4. Burgacide - n. What you call the desperate action of a hamburger leaping to its death through the holes in the Bar-B-Q grill.

  5. Coinophony (koin'ŭ-fō'nē)(n.) Annoying pocket concerts that people make when they jingle keys and loose change around.

  6. Drainchild - n. Not all brainchildren work well so we need a word for a bright idea that drains resources without benefit.

  7. Eastroturf (ee' stroh terf) n. - The artificial grass in Easter baskets.

  8. Ellacelleration: The mistaken belief that repeatedly pressing the elevator button will make it go faster

  9. Expressholes (eks PRES holz) - n. People who try to sneak more than the "eight items or less" into the express checkout line.

  10. Fetchplex (fech' pleks) - n. State of momentary confusion in a dog whose owner has faked throwing the ball and palmed it behind his back.

  11. Frisbatarianism - (n.), The belief that, when you die, your soul goes up on the roof and gets stuck there.

  12. Greedling (gree' dling) v. - Pretending to read the inscription on the birthday card when you really jus t want to know how much the check is for.

  13. Hawaska - In an atlas, the rectangular box which contains Hawaii and Alaska and is located just off the coast of Arizona.

from Starrlight: fauxcabulary. I love it!
from Ann: kibblemonoxide- the noxious gas you smell when face to face with a cat who's just eaten.
from Babystepper: Frust: That line of dirt that you can't ever get into the dust pan with the broom.

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Love these! My favorite is Eastroturf. LOL!
i tried to pick a favorite but they were all so dang funny!
ROFL! These cracked me up. My boys are definitely guilty of #8. It drives me crazy. And number 11 is too funny.

Terrific TT!
AHHH! So funny! Yes, yes, haven't had a dog for years but right now I have the memory of Alponium circling me!

Thank you darlin' :-)
I am so guilty of 12...
Fauxcabulary!! Happy TT =)

OMG, I just love this list. I have recently observed Fetchplex, and been subjected to a Drainchild. (The pronunciations are a super touch).
Some of those are really funny. I like Frisbatarianism
OMG, I love Sniglets! Rich Hall was a genius.

And ROFL! Nichtszusagen!? Isn't that nothing to say? I feel like that every time I see that blank Blogger screen...
I'm going to have to use Expresshole. I see WAY too many of them; why can't they go use the self-checkout????

Happy TT!
OMG i have been laughing so hard! these are great!

Happy TT
Great list! loved the Alponium. Of course their needs to be a feline equivalent. Perhaps- kibblemonoxide- the noxious gas you smell when face to face with a cat who's just eaten. Happy TT.
ROFL! Wow, Darla, this is amazing. Very creative and informative!!! You get A +++ perfect score, lol!! =)
Frisbatarianism!? ROFLMAO
I love this list!
Did you make all these up yourself? They are fantastic! My dog is often in a Fetchplex state, because she never gets it when I do that. LOL
And I love #11, although I know I will have forgotten the word as soon as I leave your page...
WOW interest list of words -- that I admit I didn't know there is another words for each of the meaning definitation. I'm learning something from you all the times :)

Let see.....my favorite word from the list is Expressholes LOL but I'm guilty of #9, #12 and #8 ;)

Great list of Thirteen Darla, Happy TTs to you -- I hope you have good day. And thanks for stopping by my blog

ROFL! I loved this and read it out loud to my hubby. My favorites were Burgacide and Ellacelleration, but I loved 'em all. :-D

Happy TT, and thanks for visiting mine!
I can't pick a favorite, but I'll be reading them to my family when I get home from work! LOL
BUT I assure you that Hawaska is not, in fact, off the coast of Arizona. I lived there for 9 years and off our coast was California, lol.

Oh, and the "fauxcabulary" is another awesome word!
lmao Those were great!
Wow, those are all so funny, but I think my favorite is bugarcide. I'll have to remember that one on July 4th when we're grilling out. Thanks for visiting my TT. Happy Thursday!
I've always loved these. So funny, and so true. My personal favorite is

Frust: That line of dirt that you can't ever get into the dust pan with the broom.
Those were pretty funny!
Happy TT13
I have been a greedling before. (shame on me!) And I swear I still know of adults who think hawaska is the case.

thanks for visiting me!
Those are awesome!
And I love fauxcabulary and frust too! I can see this becoming a habit...
Hi thanks for stopping in at my TT.
I like them all - greedling is the best!
Take care,
Oh, thank you! These were so funny! I like 5. People playing with their pocket change makes me insane.
Do I have to pick a fave? They're all so freaking hilarious! I've never heard of Bozone before, but you can bet I'm going to start using it!
Thanks for the laugh...
These words should have a place in the dictionary! *LOL*
Thanks for visiting my random TT. I'm not sure yet where I'll put Freya, but I'm looking forward to try a lot of special places. :-)
Here, I thought Alponium would have something to do with dog breath :) Fine list!
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