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Thursday, June 21, 2007

TT #58

Thirteen Pounds I Can't Seem to Lose

  1. The one I gained when I first started taking birth control pills--to regulate my cycle--in high school. This one is on my thighs somewhere. I thought I was so fat.

  2. The one I gained in college because of that damned Baskin-Robbins between my dorm and my classes. Mmmmm.... grape ice freezes*.

  3. The one from Basic Training. All that running, and push-ups. Everybody else lost weight--I gained it. I went home and discovered that all my shirts with tight sleeves were too small. That pound is definitely on my arms.

  4. The first pregnancy pound. I lost 10 pounds the first few months because of the horrible morning sickness, and overall gained fewer than 20. But at least one of them stuck around. It's on my tummy. Duh.

  5. The moving-back-to-the-US pound. Back to the land of fast food and 24-hour groceries. Particularly evil was the Taco Bell situated at the entrance to our housing complex.

  6. The second pregnancy pound. It pretty much echoed the first one--initial weight loss, followed by a net gain of about 20 pounds. But one still stuck with me.

  7. The tax season pound. If you've ever done taxes, the first two weeks in April is a blur of overwork and grabbing junk food whenever you have a free 20 seconds.

  8. The moving-back-to-Germany pound. Back to the land of dozens of kinds of wurst, incredibly rich cakes, and fabulous chocolate. (And the beer, but I rarely drink it.)

  9. The husband-gone-for-three-months pound. At least I learned from this one, and when he was later gone for 9 months, I actually lost weight--none of the pounds listed here, though.

  10. The third pregnancy pound. Ditto.

  11. The moving-back-to-the-States pound. Yeah, again. I didn't learn that lesson.

  12. The CFS pound. By the time I figured out what was wrong and took steps to deal with it, I'd gained weight.

  13. The last relapse pound. An hour an a half of shoveling snow led to about three months of not being able to do much at all, and, duh, weight gain.
I could stand to lose more than 13 pounds, but those 13 are, I'm pretty sure, with me forever.

*Apparently, Baskin-Robbins has no such thing as freezes anymore. I guess they've been replaced by smoothies. They were made from sherbets or ices and soda water, as far as I know.

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I'd love to lose 13lbs.. just joined the YMCA, so I'm actually doing something about it this time!
Wow, you really know where each one came from
Maybe that one pound on your arms is actually muscle. Could be, you know. That's a pound you want, actually, because muscle burns more calories than fat. Thus, the other twelve now are in the sights of that one muscular pound...

Happy TT, darling! Don't stress about the weight. Just be active and keep those muscles strong. And stay away from B&R and Taco Bell!
Darla, I can SO relate to this post. I've got 10 pounds, one for each year I've been married, and they REFUSE to leave!!! Where's that mieracle drug when you need it? Ha!
The basic training pound was likely muscle, so it negates one of the other pounds. ;) My mom is very familiar with the move-to-Germany pounds. Too much yummy food and beer here. But she's lost 5 of the 10 lbs she gained since moving to Germany since she finished the marathon (some of those 10 lbs were probably muscle lbs too from marathon training.)
I'd be scared to list all the pounds I've gained. I lost 30lbs but actually gained 10 back. I'd love to get rid of it again.
What scary is, that you know where all the pounds are that still left in your body...The one that stay forever is even scarier ;) And maybe other are right, the one stay in your arm might be just muscles *grin*......

I hope that in due times, all that pounds that are left on you will be gone. At the moment, I'm just worry about my abs...need to lose that stomache ;)

Thanks for visiting my blog, Happy TTs!

HEE!!! What a neat idea for a T13! I'd like to be rid of thirteen pounds, too. And ha, I could probably go back and list where my thirteen came from! ;-D

Happy TT, and thanks for visiting my blog!
I lost so many pounds, but I gained them every time too... ;-)
Thanks for visiting my Litha TT!
Oh, I'm sorry about the CFS pounds! I had that. I lost about 7 years with that one, LOL, but I'm all better. My heart goes out to you!

When I lived in Germany for a month, I gained TWENTY pounds. That bread, gawd! And did you have that "sandwich chocolate?" Bread with butter and cheese ... Yummy!
Really? You can pinpoint 'em like that? My extra ones just seem to have appeared--obviously I wasn't paying attention.

German food sounds yummy! ;)
Very clever TT. You made me laugh and wince at the same time. I think eight of my thirteen are in the hips and thighs. Then a pound each for the under arms (the flab my kids love and I hate). The remaining pounds are in my tummy. After birthing three babies, that pooch is not not about to disappear. :-(
I think the arm pound is muscle too.
I've never left the States and you've done it twice!
I love wurst - I would have gained 13 just from that.
Thanks for stopping in.
I'm worried about more than extra 13 pounds and I haven't even been pregnant yet - Ugh.

Great T13.
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