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Thursday, May 31, 2007

TT #55

Thirteen things my son wants to do/be when he grows up

My older son's birthday is in 4 days, and he'll be 17. {pause here while I hyperventilate a little} He hasn't even remotely settled on a direction yet. Here are some of the things he's said he wanted to be when he grows up.

  1. Politician. He has mostly-liberal leanings, but would prefer to run as an independent because he thinks it would make people more receptive to his ideas.
  2. Lawyer. Eventually, a district attorney. He's big on the idea of justice.
  3. Physicist. Because physics is just fascinating.
  4. Lego designer. I'm guessing this has something to do with the thousands of dollars worth of Lego in his room.
  5. Veterinarian. Possibly in the army. Fascination with animals, growing up a military brat--it's not hard to follow the steps there.
  6. Environmental engineer. Also possibly in the army. When he mentioned this one, you could just see Carl glow. Which was a lovely moment--shows that despite the wisecracks, he does respect his dad.
  7. Environmental law. I think this one came up after he watched An Inconvenient Truth.
  8. Write novels. SF/F, of course.
  9. Write/draw comics. He's had an ongoing series, Frogo, that he's been doing off and on for about 8 years.
  10. Write and produce a TV show, in collaboration with his brother. They've been developing it for some time now, and currently the idea is to have a permanent cast of characters, with episodes in different settings. Kind of a cross between a variety show's skits and "Quantum Leap".
  11. Paranormal investigator. Also in collaboration with his brother. They took this one straight from "Supernatural."
  12. Automotive engineer. Ever since he decided it might be useful to take auto-tech in school and discovered how much fun it was.
  13. Teacher. History. Or physics. Or math. Or philosophy. A forum, in other words, in which to pass on and exchange ideas, of which he has plenty.

Oh, and there's also the plan to take over the world. There are a lot of parts to that plan--I'm sensing a future TT on that one.

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Too funny.. I like the Lego designer one personally.. lol
I love asking my daughters what they want to be when they get older. My oldest wants to own a candy store, and be a doctor...at the same time. My youngest wants to own a snake store.

He seems like a very smart kid.

Makes me wonder what my daughter will want to be when she grows up. :)
My daughter wants to be an artist, and my son can't make up his mind.
He sounds so creative. If I could say the word math without shaking and needing to lay down-I would love to study physics-ooh and astronomy. Oh and take over the world. :)
Wow....he's gonna be busy!
Has he thought of blending two or more? Like a paranormal investigator veternarian? Or an environmental lawyer who writes SF/F?

Seriously, how wonderful he's open to so many different area. Congrats, it sounds like you guys have raised a fantastic young man.
Neat-o, your son sounds like a smart fellow! When I was a kid, I was drawn to physicist, novelist, and veterinarian -- guess which I became -- a novelist. :-D

LOL @ lego designer! That might be really fun! :)

Happy TT, and thanks for visiting my blog.
Ah, my sons will be 17 in Oct, and the only thing he has decided on is getting a Winnebago and traveling the country giving his poor mother nightmares. :)
Your son sounds like he's smart and ambitious and I'll bet he's been a handful, LOL!!! I love how young people look at the world with such beautiful eyes, such promise and hope...we should all keep doing that, and yet here we are, such cynics already. LOL!
Oh, I should do this one...mine are 3 & 5 so they are hilarious. The 3 y-o wants to be a hippo.
Your son sounds like a great person.

When I was growing up, I wanted to be a comic book writer. :)
What an ambitious fellow.
I needed to sit down after reading that list.
May he have a wonderous birthday.
Thanks for stopping in.
Wow, he sounds like a fun kid. Hope my little guy has just as many future dreams when he's 17. He's only 3 now, but i know it will go way to fast!

good luck with your computer conundrum. I bring my laptop to bed to read, lol.

Anna J. Evans
So what you're saying is: could be anything!
First I want to wish your son a early Happy Birthday! WOW didn't know he want do do that when he grows up *grin*...but I hope whatever he chose will be the one he love and success the most :)

And yeah......hyperventilate all you want, just breathe in...breathe out...breathe in...breathe out...LOL. I did this when my niece Trish graduated too LOL...

Tell your son good luck!
Sounds like quite an interesting fellow. He's got a great future ahead of him, if somewhat confused and busy.
Whatever he's going to be, his ambition is big enough to become anything he wants! ;-)
Thanks for visiting my blue moon TT!
Taking over the world works for me... if he's cool to women and people who are different from the mainstream. Although if he's strong enough to run as an independent, I am sure he is.

At any rate, he sounds well-grounded and creative as all get out. Congrats, Mom! You raised a keeper!

Happy TT! (No, there are no bands cooler than ShapeShifter. How could there be??)
You have an ambitious son. Be proud. Well, I'm sure you are!

Wow, he sounds like a very smart boy! My very smart boy is almost 18, and that really makes me hyperventalate too, or get queasy.

Thanks for visiting my TT about cloth diapers! I wash my diapers in cold water, and they do get clean! Its nice because the sun gets the stains out better than hot water or bleach ever could, and cold is better for removing body fluid stains anyway.
Teacher? *shakes head* Why? *shakes head again*

He should become an environmental engineer. Should be a hot course in the years to come.
What a great kid! I love his list. It shows intelligence, creativity and a sense for social justice. And it demonstrates what great parents you have been to raise a boy to come up with a list like this. YOu should be proud of yourselves as well as of him.

Mine are 10, 8 and 6 and the youngest is still deciding if he wants to be a ninja. LOL!

Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.
Ok I like paranormal investigator. You could just scam people.

Tell him he can't be a District Attny, they dont pay zippo
Darla, let me wish your son an early happy birthday! Love the list; he shows great potential of doing something great in future. All the best to him! :)
All of those sound like great potential careers! I like veterinarian - although I don't like going to the vet, I know mine keeps me healthy! My humans like the engineer or comic book writer/artist, since they are both engineers and both read and collect comic books.
No direction?

Hey, worse he could have been one of the thousands of young people with apathy...sounds like he is as exciting and multi-fascinated with life, JUST LIKE HIS MOM!

He looks terrific in the pics and sounds like's he a very interesting person in his own right. Well done Darla!!!!
Sounds like he's really smart and has a lot on his mind. Hope he gets to do what he loves in the end.
Happy Birthday to your son!
Looks like he's quite an interesting fellow. I'm sure he will settle on something or other soon enough.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I think that any of those options sounds good. At least "bum off parents" wasn't on the list. :)
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