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Thursday, May 10, 2007

TT #52

Mother's Day Truth and Lies

This is the game Two Truths and a Lie. In each set of 3 statements, pick the lie. The answers will be in the comments.

  1. Before I was married, I
    1. Never wanted to have kids.
    2. Couldn't wait to get married and have kids.
    3. Liked imagining names for future kids.

  2. This is what convinced me I could be a good mom:
    1. Working in a hospital nursery.
    2. Meeting my boss's children.
    3. Babysitting when I was a teenager.

  3. Of these three, who do I think is the best mom?
    1. I'm a better mom than my mom was.
    2. My mom's a better mom than I was.
    3. My mom's mom was a better mom than my mom.

  4. We have 3 kids (this was going to be a question, but I couldn't figure out a way not to give away the answer in later questions). How old are they?
    1. One of them is 3.
    2. One of them is 12.
    3. One of them is 21.

  5. Why did we get pregnant with our first child?
    1. Whoops. That's why we got married when we did.
    2. We were committed to each other and wanted to be a family.
    3. We decided to try because if I got pregnant, it would solve our problem of being stationed together.

  6. Which names did we consider for our daughter?
    1. Arwen
    2. Dagny
    3. Rhiannon

  7. Why did we have our second child when we did?
    1. We didn't want to have an only child.
    2. We were trying for a boy.
    3. We were nervous about trying again.

  8. Why did we have our third child?
    1. We always planned on having three children.
    2. We'd been separated for three months. It was kind of inevitable.
    3. Coitus interruptus is not a recommended method of birth control.

  9. What are our sons' names?
    1. Curran
    2. Camden
    3. Carl, Jr.

  10. What do I consider my main jobs as a parent?
    1. To prepare my kids for adulthood.
    2. To shelter them from disappointment and failure.
    3. To support and encourage them.

  11. What do I do for my kids on school day mornings?
    1. Pack their lunches.
    2. Make them breakfast.
    3. Read to them.

  12. What makes me proud of my kids?
    1. They think for themselves.
    2. They're emotionally self-aware.
    3. They're attractive and athletic.

  13. What did I ask for for Mother's Day?
    1. To have this painting framed.
    2. Books.
    3. Peace and quiet.

Argh. I should have just made this a straight quiz. It was harder than I'd expected to come up with two truths and a lie. But I'm nothing if not stubborn. Answers will show up in the comments shortly.

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13. c
thanks for the answers. I was just guessing. :)
Great idea....
Great list, Darla! I'm terrible at the two truths and a lie game. I'm an awful liar, I blush and giggle like an idiot.

I actually have a TT today - 13 things I love about my mom. :)
Darla - I stink at finding lie although I knew the answers to some of them. Consider how long we know each other LOL

Great list! I had fun, and I hope you get what you wish for, Mother's Day. Happy BTT!
OOOPS! That suppose to say Happy TTs...NOT BTT! *Grin*
Awesome two truths and a lie game! I didn't get very many right, though. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Happy TT!
Peace and quiet sounds good to me too!
You always have the coolest TTs, Darla!

I don't have a TT today though.
This is an awesome idea for a TT. My kids are too little to grant me peace and quiet for Mother's day. But I don't mind at all. :)
I'm glad you posted the answer key. I'd never pass your test otherwise!
I'm afraid I didn't have a lot of the answers right. The again I was just guessing. :)
Thanks for visiting my food TT!
Very fun! I enjoyed your TT!
I stink at two truths and a lie too. Like Caryle, I'm all blushes.

Great TT this week.
Hey Darla, I think this is fun! :) Another awesome idea for your TTs!
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