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Thursday, May 03, 2007

BTT #16

Note: scroll down for the ThursdayThirteen.

Booking Through Thursday

R. I. P.:
  1. No, not THAT kind of R.I.P.

    Reading. In. Public.

    Do you do it? Why or why not?

  1. Oh, sure, I read in public. Mostly whenever I'm waiting. The dentist's office, the DMV, waiting for the kids to get out of school, you name it. And always, always on trains, planes, and buses. Waiting = reading. I always stick my current read in my purse when I leave the house just in case I end up having to wait somewhere. I'm not so bad that I read at red lights, though. Well, at least not usually.

    I'm very shy by nature, and while over the years I've gotten better at situations when I'm expected to be sociable, I'm definitely not about to strike up a conversation with a total stranger for the 10 minutes we're sharing a waiting room.

    Then there's the rebellious aspect. I was told when I was a teenager that it's rude to read if someone else is in the room. Even if that someone else is watching TV. The concept still baffles me, so maybe part of the reason I pull out a book when I'm waiting somewhere in public is to thumb my nose at that rule.




That rule about reading when others are in the room is new to me! Happy BTT.
I grew up with the rule about not reading when someone else is the room too--although usually it was applied to family holidays and such where my brother and I would be the only kids around adults. While their conversations were sometimes interesting, I much preferred to spend my time reading and avoiding prying questions and unwanted attention! LOL
Okay - I'm shy by nature too. But if a person apporach me and start talking I weren't want to be rude and not answer back. But the conversation are less said LOL. I were't apporach a stranger however...I'm too shy to do that *grin*.

And you made me laugh on the rebellious aspect rule..LOL.
I read in public all the time. What else is there to do while you wait and wait and wait....
Hey Darla, I totally agree with this one: Waiting = reading!!! LOL. I'd rather read than wait and doing nothing especially in a queue!!! Happy BTT!
My feeling is that if it's family/good friends, you can read in front of them without it being rude--especially if you're home, and definitely if they're watching television! But if I'm out with someone? Not usually--if it's a "social" situation (not just, you know, normal life), burying my nose in a book feels rude. But again, it depends on where you are and what you're doing.
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