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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Metro Girl

*** Metro Girl by Janet Evanovich. Mystery.

Here's another problem with having a huge TBR pile. By the time I get to a book that I bought when it first came out in hardcover, it's already in paperback, and I've wasted the extra $$. That's particularly irritating when I didn't love the book. Ah, well. I got it from Zooba, so I only wasted $3 or $4.

The trouble starts when Alexandra Barnaby, aka Barney, gets a phone call from her brother in Florida saying he's going to be out of touch for a while, that's abruptly cut off after a woman's scream. So naturally, she takes off for Florida to rescue him.

Once she gets there, she runs into NASCAR driver Sam Hooker, aka NASCAR Guy, whose boat is missing, presumably taken by Barney's brother.

They join forces to find the brother and the boat, NASCAR Guy flirting outrageously with Barney all the way. We run into the usual sidekicks, a shipwreck with missing gold, and a bit of international intrigue and danger.

There are some laughs, as you'd expect from Evanovich, but quite a lot of the book is dated or doesn't quite ring true, from the Cuban Missile Crisis-related plot to the name of NASCAR Guy's boat, The Happy Hooker, to Barney's improbable wardrobe.

When Metro Girl first came out, there was a lot of buzz about it, and the thing I remember most is that people were really irritated over the constant repetition of "NASCAR Guy." At the time, I was skeptical, and thought that was a really petty complaint, but I have to say, I see what they meant.

Another drawback to the ginormous TBR pile: I'd already bought the sequel, Motor Mouth, which I wouldn't have done if I'd waited until after reading Metro Girl. It's a mildly entertaining way to spend a couple hours at most (it's a short and fast read), but there are too many other books I'd rather spend my time and money on.


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Ive read both of the Barney books, but I am glad that I am getting them from the library and not paying for them! Especially seeing as how the print is so big and lots of white spaces in the hard cover!
I haven't try Evanovich's NASCAR series yet, since I heard not many people like it as much as they do with Stephanies Plum series. And I love Stephanie's series.

Maybe I'll check the NASCAR series out from the library instead :)
Yeah, I'd recommend the library, I think. It is a fun, fast read, but really not worth buying in hardcover. IMO. :)
I wasn't real thrilled with it (anyone who'd like me to mail them a copy should e-mail me with your address!); I felt it wasn't enough of a departure from Stephanie Plum. That Alex and Nascar Guy were really Stephanie and Ranger in disguise, and that bummed me out.
Heh. There was a certain similarity there, yes. :)
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