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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ice Blue

***** Ice Blue by Anne Stuart. Romantic suspense.

This is the third book of the series about the Committee, following Black Ice and Cold As Ice.

Summer Hawthorne is a museum curator. Seems like that would make her life pretty safe, even dull, doesn't it? Unfortunately, the bowl her Japanese nanny left her puts her in the middle of a terrorist's plot.

The bowl and a map to a shrine are the final things the creepy Shirosana needs to bring about his apocalypse, but getting Summer's mother involved in his cult didn't work out as he'd planned.

So now, not only does Summer have the terrorists after her, but also Takashi O'Brien, an assassin from the Committee, whose mission is to do whatever it takes to prevent Shirosana from succeeding, including killing Summer.

As in the other books in this series, there's an evil villain, and a cold-blooded assassin as a hero. It's definitely not a warm, fuzzy romance, but if you're not completely turned off by ultra-dark heroes, it's all the more satisfying to watch a hardened, seemingly emotionless man fall in love.

Summer is a good match for Taka--she's smart and resourceful, but personally unsure of herself, so she needs him emotionally as much as he needs her. Their developing relationship is intense, heartbreaking, and ultimately exhilarating.

We also get a glimpse of Taka's cousin Reno and Summer's sister Jilly, and reportedly, Anne's not sure if she'll write their story. I'm crossing my fingers that she does.

By the way, Ice Blue is the Cherry Forums Book Club selection for the two weeks beginning May 1st, and Anne Stuart will be joining the discussion for at least the first week. Don't miss it.


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I have been waiting for your reveiw on this book, LOL!!! I'm still waiting for the copy to arrive though...it seems like forever. *sigh* Will be checking out Cherry Forums Book Club later...thanks for telling.
Darla - great review as always! Waited forever for you to post this *g*. Glad to see you given it an A grade. I want to ask, the Cherry Forums Book Club, are you the only one who selected what books to discuss or does Jill and the other do too?
LOL! It hasn't been quite a month yet since I read it, has it?

Hope you get your copy soon, Melody! I know you'll like it.

Julia, yes, Jill & the other mods all together decide on the Cherry Forums Book Club books, but in this case, it's a no-brainer, since Anne Stuart is a good friend of Jenny Crusie, she's kind of an honorary Cherry. :)
Darla - Ah - well duh *slapping my forehead* I should have thought about Anne is good friend of Jenny, since I saw that they are working together on a book and that they're blogging together as well.

I trust you, Jill and the other mods to pick a good books for Book Club. So far I like the comments that are said as it is posted on the Cherry forums. :) Good insight and thoughts.
Oh, yeah. I love reading the comments there--it always makes me think.
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