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Friday, May 11, 2007

Dream On

****½ Dream On by Beverly Brandt. Contemporary romance.

Can I just rant a little about search engines? Barnes & Noble used to have a decent search engine. Now it's as bad as Amazon's. Just try to find a book called "Dream On." Not one of the first 100 titles that come up is "Dream On." In fact, none of the first 100 search results even contain the words "dream on" in that order. Instead, you get The Interpretation of Dreams, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Big Papi, Into the Dreaming, and The Audacity of Hope. Shockingly, Amazon actually has the book on the first page of results. Maybe the two have switched search engines?

Which is really a shame, because it makes it hard to find this book, which is a fun, entertaining read.

Bradley Nelson is an aspiring country singer who's just been dumped (literally--out of her tour bus in Reno) by his girlfriend who, unfortunately, is also related to the owner of his record label.

He's just started talking to a woman in a gorilla suit outside the casino where his mom works when his mom drives up in her Winnebago, and men with guns come out of the casino, so he grabs the woman in the gorilla suit and they jump in the Winnebago and all drive off with the mobsters in hot pursuit.

It only gets more complicated after that.

Turns out Mrs. Nelson has just stolen $3,000,000 that she's determined the casino owes the IRS, and she's planning on turning the money over to her old supervisor at the IRS.

Delphine Armstrong is the woman in the gorilla suit. She's caught up in the adventure, now that the mobsters--and her boss--think that she's assisted Mrs. Nelson in the theft. But as time goes on, Delphine doesn't want to get away. She falls in love with both Bradley and his mom, and comes up with better and better stories to get them to let her stay with them.

It's reminiscent of both Housesitter and Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, which is a good thing, because I loved both of those movies.

Delphine, like Gwen in Housesitter, despite her tall tales and her floundering career-wise, does know who she is. It's a lovely angle that Bradley, who's so sure of his goals, who's trying to be something he's not, and that's the source of his lack of success.

As in all the best romances, both Delphine and Bradley need something from each other, and they complement each other perfectly. The backdrop of madcap adventure and excitement just highlights it all and makes the story more fun.

I'd love to see this as a movie--over-the-top, fun, car chases with a Winnebago, the gorilla suit, and of course the romance and the music--cinematic gold.

By the way, this is connected to Record Time (#6), though I didn't realize that until I started checking out the reviews. Bradley's ex-girlfriend is the sister of Kylie, the heroine from Record Time. It makes no difference to enjoying this story, by the way--it's not a typical sequel. No gratuitous scenes of the previous couple in their wedded bliss with half a dozen offspring, in other words.


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I only read Beverly Brandt's Match Games under that name. That it. Haven't read Dating Games yet. But will eventually. But I personally miss her books from her other pen name, Jacey Ford. I like them better :)

Guess I should also read Dream on too :) Great review by the way!
I'm coming from the opposite direction as you, I think. Even though I started with the Jacey Ford books, and I love them, I'd have read these anyway, because I really enjoy romantic comedy--moreso than romantic suspense, in general.
Really?! I thoughts you prefer romance suspense over romantic comedy...and I thought I knew you better by now...hmmm okay who are you? And what did you do to my friend Darla? *grin*

I'll try to get the rest of Beverly Brandt's books and will let you know :)
Well, I know you like romantic suspense, so that's what I recommend to you. :)

Romantic suspense was really the first romance I read much of--started with Nora's oxymoron books and went from there. But I think I burned out on them, because I quit reading them almost entirely, except for Nora's. Jacey Ford's were some of the first ones I started reading again.

Even though I vary my reading a lot, I do tend to go in streaks. I notice I'm slowing down on the paranormal now, and reading more romantic comedy.

Wonder what'll be next? :)
I guess back then, I used to be so into historicals alot that when I read my first romance suspense I quickly start reading mostly in that genre. And I still do. Maybe I was burn out on historicals, that I want to try something else new *shrug*.

Have I know you prefer romantic comedy, I would have recommend you more of those. I read plenty of those genre. But then one I read, you already read before. I notice you read more fantasy or sci-fic now....so those might be the next thing you'll read more of *grin*

Very interesting fact about you Darla :)
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