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Thursday, April 12, 2007

BTT #13

Note: scroll down for the ThursdayThirteen.

Booking Through Thursday

Where does the time go?
  1. Have you ever missed an important appointment because you have become so engrossed in a book you forgot the time or were up so late reading that you didn't wake up in time? Been late to work because you couldn't resist the temptation and left the house too late?

  1. I can't think of a specific appointment I've missed, but there have definitely been times when staying up too late reading has caused me to oversleep and change my plans for the next day. Lately, though, it's more likely to be the internet than a book that has me up late, or losing track of time.

    Night before last, for instance--I was just going to finish one more thing before making dinner. Next thing I knew, my husband was calling the local Turkish take-out. I should probably feel guilty about that.




Darla - staying up reading cause me to oversleep too *grin*..and playing on the internet sure does take up my time, when I should be reading LOL

Hope husband didn't give you the eyes LOL Hugs!

Happy Booking Through Thursday!
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