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Thursday, March 29, 2007

TT #46

Thirteen Things I Ate As A Kid

I was struck again today by the realization that my kids are much more.... normal... than I was. My kids are flummoxed if they come home from school and there isn't something specifically there for a snack. I, on the other hand, foraged. And I especially liked to eat things that were different, in the sense of being ordinary foods but in odd combinations or in a different form than the way you'd normally eat them. Granted, I'm a stay-at-home mom, so my kids probably worry that I'd stop them from experimenting, but then so was my mom, and I don't remember her ever catching me at it. Wonder where the heck she was? Our house wasn't all that large.... Hmmm. Or maybe I was just sneakier than my kids, which is entirely possible. I always wanted to be a spy.
  1. Frozen hotdogs, still frozen.
  2. Bouillon cubes. I liked to suck on these. Bouillon cubes is to potato chips what hard candy is to cookies.
  3. Cake mix. Dry cake mix. I'd climb up on the cupboard with a spoon. This was in the days when you didn't need a hammer and chisel to open a box. I'd eat a few spoonfuls and then put the box back in its place. It occurs to me to wonder why my mom never caught on, or if she did, why she didn't say anything. The absolute best kind was angel food. Yum.
  4. Frozen vegetables. A handful was nice to munch on, especially if it was hot outside.
  5. Raw vegetables. I mentioned before that we had a garden. I spent a lot of time sitting on the porch shelling peas or snipping beans. It was always a challenge to end up with more in the bowl than in my stomach.
  6. Brown sugar lumps. I used to sit on the countertop (pause here to appreciate the luxury of having enough counter space to do that) "helping" my mom make cookies. She'd sift out the hard lumps in the brown sugar and give them to me. They must be better at processing brown sugar now, because I never find these anymore.
  7. Sugar sandwiches. This one makes me shudder just thinking about it, even while I'm remembering how good I thought it tasted. You take white bread, and spread it, thickly, with margarine (we always had margarine when I was a kid--I can't stand it now), making absolutely sure to get all the way to the edges. Then sprinkle sugar all over it, completely covering the margarine. Sweet and crunchy!
  8. Parmesan cheese sandwiches. Same as the sugar sandwiches, except the bread had to be toasted first. I'm sure it goes without saying that it was the powdery Parmesan in the green can.
  9. Peanut butter & Cheerios on toast. I remember getting really irritated with my grandma when she didn't make this one right once. Toast, then butter, then peanut butter, then Cheerios. In that order. And the butter and peanut butter (which was always Jif--something else I never buy anymore--I find it too sweet now and buy Peter Pan or Skippy instead--or real peanut butter, if I'm giving myself a treat) have to be all the way to the edges. Then enough Cheerios to completely cover the peanut butter without overlapping. We had 3 kinds of cereal when I was a kid: Cheerios, Captain Crunch, and Grape Nuts. Never any others.
  10. Baby aspirin. This one my mom did catch me at, so I guess she was paying attention after all. But boy, do they taste good. After The Incident, which was a little scary, what with the way my parents panicked, I learned to just sneak one or two at a time.
  11. Graham cracker cookies. Graham crackers, stuck together with leftover frosting. Chocolate's best, but any kind will do. I still make these for my kids if I have leftover frosting.
  12. Ice cream sundaes. I never could stand plain ice cream, even if it was something like rocky road with stuff in it. We always had a lot of ice cream--the Schwann man came and brought those big 5-gallon tins of it, and we kept it in the freezer in the garage. So I'd put whatever I could find on top of it. Crumbled up cookies, Quik powder, jelly, Captain Crunch, cinnamon... as well as the more usual nuts, Hershey's syrup, and Cool Whip. It wasn't ice cream without at least 3 or 4 toppings.
  13. My "specialty." Once I figured this one out, I made it pretty frequently, and even pushed it on my brother. Marshmallows smeared with peanut butter and bacon bits on top. Miniature marshmallows were best--they were just the right size for one Bacos bit. On the other hand, regular sized marshmallows could be cut in half and made into "specialty" sandwiches.

Darn. Now I'm hungry. Anyone have any bacon bits?

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O-o, your list is making me hungry!! Maybe I should get some decent breakfast... *LOL*
To answer your question: yes, I appreciate "me too" or "totally agree" comments. As you said: at least you know someone read it. I have left comments like "I don't know what to say, but I want to let you know I was here."
Wonderful things ! I still love to eat raw vegetables and sugar on bread is not bad either, parmesan on bread too !
We have a friend who puts Gorgonzola cheese on bread with pieces of chocolate and fonds it in the midrowave !!
*brows up*

With the exception of the marshmallow and bacon bits... did we grow up in the same house?
Hmm.. I'm not so hungry anymore. LOL
Baby aspirin.. that used to make me literaly gag. I remember the last time as a kid that I tried to take that chewable asprin.. I did throw it up.
I liked pie crusts - just the crusts with the sugar on them. My grandma would make me "crust cakes"
hmmm...ick....I was never much for sugar. LOL! Sugar sandwiches? I would strangle my kids for doing that. And, I would never have thought of cake mix.

I did eat the dog food once.
Thanks, Tink. I'm going to try to remember that.

Gattina: gorgonzola & chocolate? Hmmmm. That's just odd enough that I might like it. LOL

Emma! Oh, thank goodness I'm not alone! :)

Ah, Carmen--I forgot about pie crust. My mom used to do that, too. I think I liked the little bits of pie crust better than the pies themselves.

Nancy--dog food? We always had a dog, but I never tried the dog food. Obviously an oversight.
LOLOL! Your list really brought back memories for me. Like you, I used to suck on boullion cubes, and I loved dry cake mix, muffin mix, cookie mix, and all kinds of dough. I also ate dry Lipton Cup o' Souop out of the envelopes and I munched on both cat and dog food. Popsicles were another favorite as was -- lol -- Play Dough.

Happy TT, and thanks for visiting my blog!
I thought frozen hotdogs were yummy when I was a kid. Now, the thought disgusts me :)
And Mmmmm on the sugar sandwiches. Except we used butter and brown sugar.
Ooooh I used to eat some of these things too! I also loved cutting up a cucumber and soaking it in vinegar and eating them. Yummy!
I worry about you Darla, I really do. *ggg*

What's wrong with sugar sandwiches? Nothing, unless you're using margarine. ;)

I'm Very Very Chinese. I believe in cooked vegetables. But I guess frozen veggies are like frozen grapes?

I will have to try the graham cracker cookies. Maybe they'll go with Lemon curd!
I was hungry... then I thought about eating frozen veggies and sugar sandwiches.

Strange what we think is delish as a kid!

Awesome TT!
I one type ate entire bottle of old maple syrup.

Frozen hotdogs, yummy! I used to melt cheese whiz on bread in the microwave till it was brown bubbly and the bread was hard. mmm mmm.

Happy TT. Thanks for dropping by mine.
Fantastic list! I can't imagine eating some of the things you listed!
The asprin thing is kinda scary. That old orange baby asprin did taste yummy.
You brought back some memories of some of the wierd things my brother and I ate when we were young.
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
Thank you for your visit.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š
Darla -

I use to love eating sugar sandwiches! I even try to be sure to sprinkle alot of sugar in them. Those were the days. Another thing I use to do is put the sandwhich in the pan to let it brown a little with the eggs mixed and spread over the sandwhich and then sprinkle sugar in them :) Thanks for bringin back memories of my childhood foods days :)

*sigh* - I'm not doing T13 today, my brain is just wacked and I can't even think clearly. So I will do one next week! I'm sure you weren't missed mine today, anyway... LOL ! *smooches*! Happy T13 !
You grew up to be a gourmet, right? *grin*

Some of that sounds really good. I'll try the graham crackers/frosting thing for the kids, as well as the PB&Cheerio sandwich. But bouillon cubes? I see the salty attraction, but ... dunno. Seems sorta intense.

Thanks for visiting West of Mars -- I see you have Alien Taste in your sidebar -- I read that, too!
I can't believe you ate dry cake mix straight from the box! Although, now that you mention it, those marshmallow/bacon bit treats sound pretty questionable.

We had those graham cracker cookies at every birthday! I think my mom just liked making extra frosting.
Thomma Lyn--Play-Doh? Gak. I always hated the smell of that, even as a kid.

Amy--oooh, maple syrup! I did pour myself spoonfuls of it to eat, but never ate an entire bottle. It makes perfect sense to me, though. :) And... er... it's really showing my age, but I never had a microwave until I was an adult.

Julia--that sounds really good. Kind of like sugary French toast... and I love French toast. I'm going to have to experiment with that for the boys' breakfast next week. hehehe.

Susan--well, I do like playing around with recipes--I almost never follow them exactly. The results, though, are hit & miss. Alien Taste was great, wasn't it? I've got to get caught up on the reviews.

Alyssa--yay! I'm not as weird as I thought I was. It's a good thing we're out of graham crackers--I'm really tempted to make some of those cookies now.
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