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Thursday, March 22, 2007

TT #45

Thirteen Complete Collections

If you've been here before, you know I'm a bit of a bookaholic. Here are 13 authors whose complete backlist I've collected:

  1. Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Michaels. This is the first author whose collection I completed. It all started with the 3rd Amelia Peabody book, which I loved, then I started searching for her other books. When I discovered she also wrote gothics as Barbara Michaels, I was overjoyed. I don't have any of her nonfiction books written as Barbara Mertz, though I keep meaning to check them out, but since those are under a different name, I figure it counts anyway.

  2. Agatha Christie. This was courtesy of a book club. Nice, dark blue hardcovers with a gold silhouette on the cover. Now that I think of it, I've never really checked to see if there were any of her books that the book club didn't offer, so maybe I'm mistaken here. Anyway, they've got a bookcase of their own at home in San Antonio.

  3. Terry Pratchett. Again, this took only one book: Equal Rites. Thanks to the SFBC, I was an instant fan. I bought the others as they came out, then started looking for his backlist.

  4. Nora Roberts/J. D. Robb. All ~160 of them, including the elusive PMT (Carl bought it for me for Mother's Day one year). This took a while, since I finished my collection before Harlequin started reissuing them all. I've only got one copy of each book, though--I'm not too obsessive.

  5. Jennifer Crusie. Also known as "Crusie-fied and burned." I used to be "Crusie-fied x2 and burned," but there are a couple of reissues I don't have. I do have all the originals, however.

  6. Jim Butcher. Duh. Most of them are signed, as well, and I've got both hardcovers and paperbacks of the books that were issued in both, as well as the book club omnibuses of the Dresden Files.

  7. Emma Holly. I first discovered her writing in a Black Lace omnibus I found at the flea market. From then on, I started actively looking for her books. When Berkley picked her up, I literally cheered. Still the best at writing sex scenes that are hot, believable, and advance the plot.

  8. Dallas Schulze. As I mentioned in last week's TT, I started with The Vow, then "met" her on the LKH list. I started collecting her books because I enjoyed corresponding with her so much, but then I discovered something--those seemingly simple straight romance stories were anything but ordinary. She has a gift for writing right up to the cliche, then taking a sharp left turn. Smart and funny and very real.

  9. Terry Brooks. This one's a bit of a surprise to me. I bought The Sword of Shannara when it first came out in paperback--1978, if I remember correctly. I was in high school, and my spending money was very limited, so if I was going to spend $3.50 on a book, it was going to be a long one. I've bought every one since. Amazing to think that I've been reading his books for almost 30 years.

  10. Christine Feehan. Also mentioned in last week's TT. For a little while, I got burned out on the Carpathians, but they remained strangely addicting. Either that series perked up, or my interest did, when she started writing additional series--maybe a little of both. My favorite of her series is the ghostwalker series, but I still wish she'd write another gothic like The Scarletti Curse. She's one of the very few authors who can write long descriptions that I not only read (instead of skim) but really enjoy.

  11. Carole Nelson Douglas. Another odd beginning--I'd bought Cat with an Emerald Eye because it looked cute. I wasn't wowed, but I was intrigued enough to search out the first book of the series. Then I was wowed. I was even more impressed when the series didn't just have interesting mysteries in each book, but a complex series-long web of intrigue. I was totally hooked when I discovered that she wrote in multiple genres--fantasy, both traditional and contemporary; science fiction; historical and contemporary romance; and historical and contemporary mystery. She's even got a couple of essays out there.

  12. Laura Kinsale. The first book of hers I read was Shadowheart, when Berkley sent me the ARC. That's also the first romance novel that left me gasping, convinced I didn't need to read another book ever again because I'd just read the best I'd ever find. (My criteria for giving something an A+. It was also my reaction when I met my husband, though that's another story.) I've since bought all her books, but I haven't yet read them all--they're doled out like very expensive, rich chocolates, and savored just as much.

  13. Susan Elizabeth Phillips. She snuck up on me. Somebody recommended her books back when I was acting on every recommendation I got for romance because I was unfamiliar with the genre. The first book of hers I found was Lady Be Good. I liked it, so I wrote myself a note to get another. It wasn't until a year or so ago that I realized I was a big fan, and that I already had almost all of her books. There are still 2 or 3 in my TBR pile, unread, but I have them all.
I have other complete collections--by authors who have maybe half a dozen books out. And there are others whose collections are missing only one or two books, but I think these are all of the big ones. I could be wrong, though--mind like a sieve some days.

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I've finally found someone who loves to read as much as I do -- albeit in different genres. I also do not keep books when I have finished them. After moving libraries a few times, I realized that books had to go! Thanks for coming by my blog.
Yay, another Agatha Christie fan. I have all of her books too. There are more of my favourites in your list though. I'm going to check out the ones I don't know.
Thanks for visiting my cars TT. Your story about Americans buying a BMW just to tell home is hilarious! I didn't realize it's such a special car in the US. Although we couldn't drive one if Ron didn't do a lot himself. Dealer repairs are amazingly high-prized!
I have a wonderful collection of all Agatha Christie books in simili leather and gold, looks very decorative but I have read and reread and rerereread them all ! They are still up to date !
wow! Signed Jim Butchers! nice.

I have all the hardcovers for Michael Crichton and Harry Potter.
I've just started with the Jim Butchers ... I'm late, I know (and I probably won't read it for awhile yet).

Happy TT! I'm glad you came to visit; we should visit each other more and talk books. The only thing I like more than writing is talking books!
Wow. I'm impressed.. and I love most of those authors!
Joan - every time I move, I get a little more ruthless with the books I keep.

Gattina - sounds like we have the same set!

Carmen - ARGH. I knew I was forgetting somebody. I've got all of Crichton's and Rowlings's, too. Shoot.
I love collections. And signed books-wow. There's nothing better, is there? My signed books are all on a special shelf on my bookcase :-)
Mmmm Barbara Michaels. I've read some of her titles so many times the spines are all falling off.

Ammie Come Home/Shattered Silk/Stitches in Time I absolutely love. And Witch. And Into the Darkness and Search the Shadows and...

Okay, I'll quit now.
Great book list! I really like getting all the books of authors I like. I've got all of Feehan... but I've only got handfuls of some of the others on this list. :) Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope you have a great week.
Um, I have all of PBW's books under the Jessica Hall name?

I don't think there's a single author out there whose entire backlist I have.

Even the only one I want is PBW's, and I'm slowly getting there.
I have Storm Front on my TBR pile and I can't wait to get to it. I love Christine's books too! Nora writing as JD sounds great and I think I may have to break down and actually start to buy some of these. :)
I'm bad about hording books too. Once I find an author I like, I have to buy all their books.
I'm so spastic about book buying that I don't own any completely collection/backlist. The only author who'd come close is John Irving (I think there's 2 books written by him that I don't own).

Happy TT!
Hey Darla - you already know which books I collect and like *grin*...Nora Roberts/JDRobb, SEP, Laura Kinsale and Christine Feehand! Love their books and am collecting them at the moment.

All the other books on your list, I never heard of before. Or even if I did, I haven't broke down to read them yet. Eventually I will, gonna have check them out since you like them :)

Happy T13! Hope you have good day, Darla!
I have an entire storage container in my closet devoted to all of my Nora Roberts books. :) I have no idea how close I am to having her entire back list. I have to be close-ish.

I also have tons of Feehan (my favorite of hers seems to be her Drake Sisters lately), Crusie, and I enjoy Emma Holly a great deal, too.
Terry Pratchett is absolutely hilarious. Great list.

Happy TT, thanks for dropping by mine.
I'm not sure I have anyone's full collection, although Jennifer Crusie is pretty darn close. As is Mary Stewart. I'm very impressed! I have two Susan Elizabeth Phillips books I bought on a recommendation but I've not yet gotten around to reading them.
I am so behind at 2:07 pm. This is the first 13 I have seen.

And, I thought I had a lot of books. WOW!

I am reading my first Jodi Piocoult novel. I am enjoying it.
Great idea for a list. Isn't it amazing when we find a writer and we just have to read everything they write...and when their next book comes out we go the day it hits book stores and buy it?

I have several authors like on my list, even though you and I have different areas we read on my must read/own everything I have,

John Irving
William Burroughs
Cormac McCarthy
Anne Tyler
Douglas Coupland

are a few...
Hmm.What happened to my comment?
What a wonderful list! I'm a book-o-phile, too. :) And thumbs up on Agatha Christie and Terry Pratchett!

Happy TT, and thanks for visiting my blog!
Oh wow, you are a collector! I had quite a few collections, until I finally got rid of some. I still have Nora's releases, the old ones, including the Language of Love ones. Those were cool!

Happy TT!
I'm so jealous! I love 'keepers' but I've moved so many times that it's been very impractical of me to hold on to so many (and by moved, I mean internationally, not down the street)
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