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Thursday, March 22, 2007

BTT #10

Note: scroll down for the ThursdayThirteen.

Booking Through Thursday

Keeping it short:
  1. Short Stories? Or full-length novels?
  2. And, what's your favorite source for short stories? (You know, if you read them.)

  1. Generally speaking I'm not a fan of the short-story format, because far too many of them seem focused not on telling a story, but on showing how clever the author is. Note: there's a huge difference between a short story and a novella, and I get really testy when people confuse the two (it's a personal failing, I know. *sigh*). That said, though, I still read them from time to time, and enjoy them, even--as in the case of Tod Goldberg's anthology Simplify--love them.
  2. I used to read a lot of short stories in science fiction or mystery magazines, but I quit subscribing a few years ago. Now it's almost always anthologies, and almost always because a must-buy author has a story in it.



Novels, definitely. Come hang out at West of Mars more often and read the parts that won't make it into books! :D
But I carry Ellery Queen Mystery magazine on my mobile phone and always sneak in a story or two at the most unexpected times.

I see you've listed Cordelia's Honor in your TBR. Here's a link of my short review.


Looks like I've found another great blog to read :)
Darla - you're right, there is huge different between short story and novella. I just seem to forget that sometime....

I read anthologies sometime too, which is why I put you as my source because I know there "something" about the books that I just don't pay attention to until you mention it ;)

Happy Booking Through Thursday!
Darla, I too agree it's hard to find some good short stories...sigh...
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