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Friday, February 23, 2007

Visions in Death

**** Visions in Death by J. D. Robb. Futuristic romantic suspense. Re-read.

This is the 19th in the series, and not really one of my favorites. But hey--it's a long-running series. Some stories are bound to be better than others.

There's yet another serial killer on the loose in mid-21st-century NYC. And yet again, the victims' eyes are removed. Eve & co. are getting nowhere, when a psychic shows up and reluctantly offers her help, saying she'd dreamed about the murders. Eve is just as reluctant to accept that help, preferring solid police work to woo-woo stuff.

Of course there are some wonderful moments in the ongoing series story--including a dinner party given by Charles & Louise and including Eve & Roarke and Peabody & McNab. And those moments are why even though the mystery in this book isn't one of my favorites, it's still a must-read.

It's just that I'd be perfectly happy if I never read another serial killer book again. Ever. I think that's probably why I went from reading lots and lots of romantic suspense to reading hardly any--I overdosed on those darn serial killers. I guess I wouldn't mind if a serial killer were just a little different for a change. But it seems that 99% of them are killing their mothers. I blame Hitchcock.

****spoiler**** The end did redeem the story quite a lot, but for me, it was too little, too late. I was, I hate to say, bored with the story by the time the twist came, so I wasn't as excited by it as I might otherwise have been. Whether the fault is with the story itself or simply with my disenchantment with serial killer tales I have no idea. ****


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I thought this was good read, but it wasn't my favorite too :) Great review!

By the way I got Shannon Butcher book "No Regret" last Saturday!
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