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Thursday, February 01, 2007

TT #39

Thirteen February Holidays

February may be the shortest month, but it's stuffed full of holidays. Here are some you might not be familiar with:

  1. February 4: Create a Vacuum Day. Celebrate by creating your own vacuum. Or, alternatively, vacuuming the house. Your choice.

  2. February 5: National Weatherman's Day. Or National Weatherperson's Day (couldn't it just be Meteorologist's Day? Just assume I've added a rant here about the idiocy of awkwardly gender-neutralizing words). Celebrate by doing one of these family crafts.

  3. February 9: Toothache Day. Odd. I'd have thought it would be February 15th, or maybe November 1st. Maybe it's because February is National Snack Food Month. Send a card to your dentist.

  4. February 10: Umbrella Day. This one's easy to celebrate. Just carry around your umbrella all day. If you live in Germany, you'll probably need it anyway. (It's been a very rainy winter this year.) Here's a page to get you in the mood: Umbrella Day.

  5. February 14: Ferris Wheel Day. Also known as Austrian Ferris Wheel Day. A nice alternative or addition to the more common holiday celebrated on this date. Here are 10 reasons to celebrate it.

  6. February 15: National Gumdrop Day. One would think this would precede National Toothache Day, but no. Celebrating's easy--just eat gumdrops. Or you could make this card.

  7. February 18: National Battery Day. I'm assuming it refers to this kind of battery rather than this kind. But you can cover all bases in your celebrating by setting up a battle between two Energizer Bunnies.

  8. February 19: National Chocolate Mint Day. Another one that's easy to celebrate. Just have some of this, this, this, or these.

  9. February 20: Cherry Pie Day. Send a card, make a pie, visit the Cherries.

  10. February 22: Walking the Dog Day. This one seems a little, well, pointless. It's kind of like "taking a shower day" or "getting dressed day" (hmmm... okay, I checked--those aren't actual holidays). So maybe you could spice it up a little by getting your dog a nice new leash, or find a new place to walk.

  11. February 23: International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day. Well, okay, that makes sense. After you walk the dog, you give it a dog biscuit. Unless you're Mel Gibson. You can celebrate by making your own dog biscuits.

  12. February 26: Tell a Fairy Tale Day. Here's a site to get you started. Or read The Queen in Winter (#9), or Stardust.

  13. February 28: Public Sleeping Day. The perfect excuse. Wear your jammies to work, take a pillow on the bus.

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Hey Darla! Happy T13 !!

I'm not familiar with all this 13 holidays! But it seem to be fun holidays to celebrate. Thanks for sharing this...
Here is Mine!

And if you're wondering...yeah am up way late and should be sleeping. But heck it your fault, you got me addicted to this T13 LOL *grin*
*Giggle!* I've never heard of these, and how cute! National Gumdrop Day and National Chocolate Mint Day sound especially yummy, and Public Sleeping Day cracks me up. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog, and Happy TT!
I can safely say that I've never heard of any of these.. but I like that sleeping one!
Some really odd holidays there! The only holidays I've had my eye on this month are Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day, making sure the former falls after the latter so I can consider giving up chocolate for lent.

Happy TT!
My birthday is the 18th. I'll tell my husband I want new batteries.

Wow. Lots of holidays to have some fun with.

Happy Thursday!
I take full advantage of National Vacuum Day by actually vacuuming my house. Okay not really, but it might inspire me to actually do some cleaning!

And I will make sure to celebrate National Chocolate Mint Day. I'm putting it in my calendar right now!

Thanks for stopping by my site today!
Those are some great holidays. I personally like the last one, Public Sleeping Day, I could go for that now.

Happy TT, thanks for stopping by mine.
These are great! I think I can get behind umbrella, chocolate mint, and cherry pie days. Public sleeping day would never work for me. I seem to have a hard time falling asleep on a plane when it's dark and quiet. I hate feeling like people are watching me. (shudders)

Have a great Thursday!
Darla, you always come up with the most unusual topics :)

And I see you're a Glen Cook fan. I lost interest after the third book, but the 1st Black Company book remains one of my all-time favorites.

Mine's up!
I like #9...
Great TT! I'm definitely celebrating cherry pie day and public sleeping day! Thanks for visiting my TT and happy Thursday.
Wow! Would would have thought? Cherry pie day...mmmm.

Happy T13!
And I'm so glad because dog biscuits are extremely underappreciated in this country.
Wow, interesting list! Never heard of them before. I love #13, hehehe...
Too funny! Those are some very odd holidays! "Walking the Dog Day?" I feel sorry for the poor woofies who aren't walked every day!
Doug: pot, meet kettle. :) I've only read the first two Black Company books--perhaps I'll lose interest after the 3rd, as well. It would be nice--I need to cut back on the book-buying.
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