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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Forever Kiss

****½ The Forever Kiss by Angela Knight. Contemporary paranormal romance.

Valerie Chase is an orphan. Her parents were brutally murdered by vampires when she was 12, and she barely escaped with her baby sister. Therapy's helped her put it behind her, as has the presence of "Cowboy" in her dreams. Initially a reassuring presence, now that she's an adult, he's taken on a more sensual role.

Her one goal in life is to take care of her sister, but she's lost her job as a reporter, so the offer to ghostwrite for an eccentric businessman is a godsend. Unfortunately, that businessman is the vampire who killed her parents and who now wants her.

"Cowboy" is Cade McKinnon, a former Texas Ranger turned vampire by the same master vampire who's after Valerie. Against all odds, he protected her when her family was killed, and now he's trying to do it again. The problem is that he's no match for the 800-year-old master, but he's willing to die as long as he takes the master with him.

The Forever Kiss is full of tense action and wrenching emotion. The master is a wonderfully amoral schemer--realistic characterization for someone who's been more powerful than everyone he's met for 800 years. Valerie has to come to terms with her protector being a vampire--the very thing from her nightmares--and even worse, falling in love with him. And Cade is just heartbreaking, unable to see a future for the two of them.

Of course, as it's an Angela Knight story, the sex scenes are very sensual, and an integral part of the story.


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