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Monday, February 26, 2007

The Book of True Desires

***** The Book of True Desires by Betina Krahn. Historical romance.

Or, maybe more precisely, historical romantic adventure. Think The Mummy or Indiana Jones.

Cordelia O'Keefe is an adventurer. To fund her next expedition, she's forced to turn to her last resort--Samuel P. Blackburn, the wealthy grandfather who'd disowned her father before Cordelia was even born. Samuel P. is a scheming manipulator, and he agrees, but only if she'll find the "Gift of the Jaguar" for him. And she has to take his fussy, sarcastic butler, Hartford Goodnight along to report back to him. He entrusts the funds to Goodnight so she's not tempted to ditch the butler somewhere along the way.

From then on, it's page-turning adventure, with one thrilling situation after another. The quest takes them from Florida to Cuba and then to Mayan ruins in the jungle. They encounter revolutionaries, gun-runners, and natives, some who help them, and some who want to beat them to the treasure and will stop at nothing to get it. They also encounter venomous snakes, quirky donkeys, and a mysterious jaguar, along with an incredible variety of flora.

Goodnight turns out to be much more than Cordelia expected, and their romance grows along with their understanding and respect for each other.

I really cannot recommend this book highly enough--it's just so much fun! The characters and the situations and the settings are so vivid that it's like watching an adventure movie even for someone as non-visually-oriented as I am. In fact, The Book of True Desires would make a fabulous feature film.


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I read one of her trilogies and thought that they were pretty good so I might give this one a go based on your review!
It's a wonderful story. I hope you like it!
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