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Thursday, January 18, 2007

TT #37

Thirteen Clocks

"Once upon a time, in a gloomy castle on a lonely hill, where there were thirteen clocks that wouldn't go..."

  1. This is on the wall in the computer room. The picture is by Eric Joyner, whose work I discovered on The Sneeze.

  2. This one is on the wall in the bathroom. It's not like we really needed a clock there, but there was this long space that was really empty, and we thought this clock was cute. It matches the bathroom cupboards, though you can't see them in this picture.

  3. This one's also in the bathroom. It's got a radio in it and is meant to go in the shower, but there's already too much stuff hanging in the shower. I'm not sure how good an idea it is to have a radio in the bathroom--Carl tends to listen to the news while he's showering, which is a really horrible way to start the day, if you ask me.

  4. This one is hard to see--sorry. It's very dim today. It's on the wall pretty much between the dining room portion of the main room of the house and the living room portion. I don't remember where we got this one--I think it was a gift. There used to be a hand-made ceramic abstract-shaped clock in that spot, but it fell, so we replaced it with this one, which used to be in the computer room.

  5. Another dim photo, which is annoying, because this is our newest clock. Well, new to us. It's an old mantle clock, and here it's sitting on top of a desk in the dining room. Click on the photo--you'll be able to see it better. When we go back to Texas, it'll go on the mantle. It's got great chimes--they sound like church bells. Unfortunately, my mother-in-law wasn't quite so charmed by them when she spent the night New Year's Eve--they're pretty loud, and kept her awake. Next time someone stays over, we'll remember to turn off the chimes.

  6. It occurs to me that it might have been a better idea to wait for a sunny day to do 13 clocks. But I'm fresh out of other TT ideas at the moment. This clock is in the kitchen. It was a gift. It's supposedly an "atomic clock," picking up a signal for the correct time. It did that once, when we first got it. Now it works like an ordinary clock, and you have to set it. It's not alone in the Tiny Kitchen™. There are also clocks on the microwave, the stove (though that one's still on daylight saving time), and the coffeemaker. The one on the coffeemaker doesn't show the correct time because it's run on a transformer. The microwave is, too, but the microwave converts the frequency itself--the coffemaker doesn't. I took pix of them, but they didn't turn out, so you can just take my word for it.

  7. It's a rule, I think, that every American living in Germany has to have a cuckoo clock, or at least buy one for someone back home. This one actually belongs to our youngest son, who begged for one for Christmas a couple of years ago. When it cuckoos, the bird comes out the window, of course, and a chimney sweep pops out of the top. It's located in the entryway, right above the phone. Which is possibly not the best place for it--the cuckoo can be pretty loud when you're on the phone.

  8. This one used to be where the mantle clock is now. When we got the new clock, we were going to throw this one out, but the youngest son took it up to his room where it's now sitting next to his science project--a model of the Hubbel telescope. We've had this one for a very long time--I think it must have been a gift, though who'd have given it to us, I have no idea. It's plastic and has flowers on it. I think the cheesiness is what appeals to the kid.

  9. This is in the older son's room. It's a clock shaped like an old Nintendo controller and was one of his Christmas presents. He also has three other non-functioning clocks sitting around his room--a dragon, a ball, and a frog that, when it was working, hopped when the alarm went off. The pictures of them didn't turn out either.

  10. This is on the wall in our bedroom. Lots of silver-colored stuff in there.

  11. This is on my nightstand. Notice what time the alarm is set for. *whimper*

  12. This is on Carl's nightstand. Yes, they're identical. Note what time the alarm is set for... and he had to get up "early" today to go to Heidelberg. Grrrrr.

  13. This is also in the bedroom. It's a clock, but also a timer. I used to try to remember to take it back to the kitchen when I was done exercising, but finally gave up on that and bought a new timer for the kitchen.

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Lots of clocks! The Nintendo-controlled clock is neat! I bet one of my nephews would like that! We haven't bought a Cuckoo clock yet, but I'm sure we will before we move back to Canada. ;)

To answer your question: we may run races in some of the other places we plan on visiting, depending on the time of year and whether there are any local races at the time. I don't do well in heat, so there's no chance of running in Egypt. ;) We're actually looking into maybe going to The Hague or Prague in March and doing a half-marathon (hubby has 4 days of leave he has to burn before April 1st.)

Thanks for stopping by and happy T13. :)
Thats a most excellent list of clocks! First time I have seen a list like that..Great collection
At first I thought 'wow, that's a lot', but when I started counting I dicovered I have a lot of clocks too! :-)
Thanks for visiting my TT.
Cool idea. You have a lot of clocks!
I have a few, but I don't think any of them are in sinc with each other.
I love clocks! In fact, it really bothers me if I don't know what time it is. My husband hates that about me.

"What time is it?"
"Does it matter?"

Or worse, he wants to know what time it is and I don't have a watch on. Funny stuff!
Wow. You have the coolest clocks ever! And I LOVE cuckoo clocks. Always wanted one.
If with all these clocks you are not a punctual person, then I don't understand the world anymore ! But you should have added n°13 a - 13x counting wrist watches of all kinds, lol ! Your house is definitively a "watch" house ! Cookoo clocks get on my nerves, I would strangle the cookoo !
Wow on the cuckoo clock. My Dad brought back one excatly like that when he went to Germany many years ago. The picture brought back some very wonderful memories for me. Thank you!
Great TT!
Have a wonderful Thursday and thank you for your visit.
So many clocks! I'm embarrassed by how many clocks I have in my house that don't work/don't have batteries. The most important and the most hated clock in my house is my alarm clock. :P

Happy TT
Oh my goodness, you crack me up!!!

You are so busted as a military family...I grew up and am from several generations of military families and the obsession with clocks in every room is the very same. I do it too...although I must tell you, we had a clock in our art studio and two weeks ago...I took it out. We still have the time on a tv nearby if needed...but it seemed somehow wrong to have a clock in the painting room for imagination.

I think this was a very clever idea for a TT list. I have a cukkoo clock much like your sons...it is from my grandparents when they were stationed in Germany in the 60's.

It's so good to be back at my desk...as you know I was working out of town and not able to get online much. I am so happy sitting ehre with a big cup of tea and catching up with you and other TT's and bloggers.

Great list,
Oh, cool list, Darla! I don't have anywhere near that many clocks in my house. Maybe half that?

And I have to confess that I *hate* cuckoo clocks (blasphemy, considering I have a German mom!). I like the look of them, but the noise! I pretty much dislike any kind of chiming clock. Not that you asked! :-P
i love this tt list! i would agree with you about #3. thanks for visiting my tt this week and my 20 y/o has become a lot like your 21 y/o. what you said is so true!
Great list.
My husband is a big fan of clocks too.
He can never have enough of them.
I would love a cuckoo clock like yours.
Thanks for visiting,
Candy, LOL! I didn't realize our little clock obsession had to do with being a military family. It used to be lamps, but we've moved on. We're currently drooling over an art deco wall clock from the 30s, trying to justify buying it, &/or figuring out where we could hang it.

Don't feel bad, Lara--my mother-in-law is German and she doesn't like the cuckoo clock (or the chiming mantle clock!) either. She's from Hessen; the cuckoo clocks are from the Black Forest. It's like New York & California. ;)
That is a lot of clocks! It's dim here today too...

My grandmother has a cuckoo clock, and when I took my sons to visit when they were small, the older one had to have it turned off--the cuckooing freaked him out.

But I think they're adorable.

** Check out Jennifer St. Giles' Mistress of Trevelyan.
Thanks for sharing your clocks with us...it's a great collection. Happy TT!
Thanks, Alyssa--Mistress of Trevelyan was actually in the box that arrived yesterday from B&N. *sigh* A mind is a terrible thing to lose.
Obsessed with time, much? :)

My favorite clock: a mirror image clock Karen bought for me back in '85 or thereabouts. It even ran counterclockwise. Very cool.
WOW Darla ! So many clocks :) I think I like the first two clock you shown us. They are way cool!

Speaking of your dark pictures, if you using digital camera, surely there is an "flashlight" option for you to use in a dark area :)

This was fun! Thanks for sharing your clocks with us ;)
Whew... fortunately as a German living in the US I don't need a cuckoo clock. I hate them. They're a nightmare. :)
I once lived with a housemate whose idea of decorating was buying cheap clocks from kmart and putting them up all on the walls of our living room. I didn't mind, but I felt bad for guests who crashed on the couch and had to deal with multiple, non-synchronized random sounding ticks all night.

Of course, that also meant we had a lot less houseguests :)
Your CooCoo clock is beautiful but if I had to choose only one of your clocks to display in my house, I'd be grabbing #8 (old mantle clock) and running away.
What a great list, Darla! I love cuckoo clocks; I mean...they are a classic! :)
Great list. I would never have thought of clocks. I have 3 in my house..alarm clock in the bedroom, one in the kitchen, and one in the bathroom..very necessary getting ready in the mornings. I love the cuckoo and mantle clocks.

My TT is up also.
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