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Thursday, January 04, 2007

TT #35

Dagz and Miss Burns in our real kitchen.

We took our daughter to the airport this morning to go back to San Antonio and school. I had about 3 hours of sleep last night after the ritual last-night meltdown, so since she's on my mind, and I'm too tired to think of anything else, here are

Thirteen Things about My Daughter

  1. She's our first child, and the only reason I didn't have 9 months of morning sickness before she was born is that she was 2 weeks early. This was an omen, obviously.
  2. She weighed 5 lbs, 14 oz (2665 g), was 19 inches long (48 cm), and was born with a relatively mild form of Goldenhar Syndrome, the most obvious manifestation of which was two pea-sized skin tags on each cheek.
  3. She had colic for the first several months and hated being held or riding in the car seat or stroller. The only thing that calmed her was the baby swing, and it went everywhere with us.
  4. She started talking at 4 months. This was another omen. Her first word was "uh-oh"--word being defined as a sound with meaning. She'd drop something and say, very clearly, "uh-oh." She hasn't really stopped talking since.
  5. Her second word, at about 5 months, was "down," by which she meant "up." This was my fault, as she'd be propped up in a high chair and I'd ask her if she wanted to get down, and then I'd pick her up. It took her years to get "up" and "down" straight.
  6. She had her first surgery, to remove the skin tags, at 8 months. Afterward, the doctor said she'd probably sleep the rest of the day. She promptly woke up and stayed awake for hours. Another omen.
  7. She didn't walk until she was 15 months, by which time she was speaking in complete sentences.
  8. Her second and third surgeries, to break her jaw and install a device to expand it, and then later to remove it, were the summer she turned 13. We signed up for AOL that summer to help her keep busy. As a result, she types insanely fast.
  9. She inherited her dad's nose and temperament. She inherited my ankles and my habit of fainting when I get a shot or have blood drawn.
  10. Despite that tendency, she has 9 piercings--3 in each earlobe (4 of which she did herself), one in the cartilage, one in her navel, and one in her nose.
  11. She didn't inherit our introversion. She'll talk to anyone, and prefers being around other people to being alone.
  12. She's a lot smarter than she thinks she is, and is often surprised when she gets As on papers she didn't spend much time on. She's a junior at UTSA, majoring in English and minoring in German.
  13. She's very responsible--employers love her, and we had no qualms about letting her take care of our house while we're in Germany. She's open-minded and honest and friendly and empathetic.
We drive each other nuts, of course--it's in the rule book somewhere for mothers & daughters, but I miss her already. And not just because I'll have to start doing the laundry myself again.

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Your daughter sounds intelligent and interesting! I'll bet life in your house is never boring! :)

My 13 is up.
That was so incredibly sweet. Your love for your daughter is so clear. And I love the pic!
You must be so proud of her! She sounds like a wonderful person who is going to go very far in life.

Thanks for stopping by my site!
What a wonderful TT! I'm missing my mom now.

Happy TT!
Wow. I feel so under-accomplished just now. She sounds so intelligent and quirky. :)
A great list. She sounds like a great person.

My 13 are up.
Sounds like you'd like her even if she weren't your own.
Wishing her a good term at school, and you all a Good New Year.
Take care,
Your daughter sounds like a wonderful young lady, you must be very proud of her and miss her like crazy! This is a true tribute.
Thanks for visiting my TT. I certainly hope 2007 will be the year of your mother; my 2006 wasn't that great either and we deserve more, don't we? :-)
she's beautiful. i hope today is a restful day for you. thanks for visiting my tt this week. i look forward to yours next week.
What's she studying in San Antonio? And is she at that college with the hideously garish multicolored building?
{{{HUGS DARLA}}} Just because I know you need it. I know you miss her already and I can tell you loves her :)

Dagny seem to be wonderful person, and I'm glad you had such a wonderful time with her during the holidays.

But - er...you do know that the group miss you too? I know I do ;) :)
Doug, well, that's the downtown campus. She never has classes there. LOL

Thanks, Julia. Yeah, I know. I haven't been online for more than 30 minutes at a time in over a week. Gotta get some sleep, then maybe I can catch up a little.
Great TT about your daughter, Darla! Yes, you should be so proud of her. :)
That was a wonderful post about your daughter!
It is hard to watch them leave and grow up.
My TT is posted
Wonderful tribute to your daughter. :) She sounds like a terrific person. It's easy to see why you miss her already.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care!
She sounds cool! I dedicated a TT13 to my sister a couple weeks ago.

Thanks for visiting mine :)
Yes I am cool actually. Thanks for noticing.
Hi, Darla! Wandered over here via Smart Bitches and just have to say that your daughter is beautiful! Sounds like nothing gets in her way. Love that! Enjoyed your blog...
Hello! Stumbled across this while googling Goldenhar, and wanted to thank you for the straightforward post and lovely picture of your daughter. My 3rd daughter, 11 months, also has mild Goldenhar- and I've never been able to find pics of teens or twentysomethings who only were mildly affected by the syndrome... and I'm delighted to see how "normal" your daughter looks. Boosts my spirits about my girl's outlook for her future, which will also include jaw surgery down the line. Best of luck to you and schoene Gruesse aus Portland (mein Mann kommt aus Miesbach, ich aus Minnesota)!
Jennifer Merkel
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