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Monday, January 08, 2007

****½ Northern Lights by Nora Roberts. Romantic suspense. Re-read.

The first time I read this, I didn't like it quite as well--mostly, I thought it was too long and too over-populated. I still think it's about 100 pages too long, but having read it once already, the multitude of characters wasn't as bothersome.

In brief, Northern Lights is about a burned-out city cop with issues who takes a job as chief of police in small town Lunatic, Alaska and ends up solving both a recent murder and one 20 years old, and falling in love with a prickly loner of a bush pilot.

At the moment, I'm remembering my initial, less favorable impressions from two years ago, when the first scene made me think the mayor was the heroine, and it seemed that there was an awful lot of crime for such a small town. Not to mention having a very difficult time warming up to the actual heroine.

But on this re-read, I focused more on Nate Burke's journey from near-suicidal depression to a healthier outlook, and Meg Galloway's prickly exterior made more sense considering her past--the disappearance of her father, and her mother's rejection of her and descent into slutdom. I even found Meg's mother Charlene more realistic/understandable than I did previously. Whether that's because of a different mood while I was reading, or if it's because, being familiar with the story, I could concentrate on different aspects, or if I'm looking for different things in books now, I'm not sure. Possibly a bit of all three.

Oh yeah. Lunacy, Alaska does bear a remarkable resemblance to Cicely, Alaska. But since I thoroughly enjoyed the latter, I'm not bothered by that. Well, maybe a smidge. I worry that, given the similarities, I'll start thinking that's what Alaska is really like. Maybe I ought to take a trip.


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First time I read it, I thought it was too long with too many characters. Too distraction for me at the time. And normally too many characters does not always bother me. But I managed to finish the book and love the way Nora write Alaska. It seem she was really there and I can see it across the pages. But surprisely - Nora never been there :)

On my second read - I was able to enjoy it lot more, even though I don't know how to reacted toward the heroine ;) :)
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