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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

****½ Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Contemporary paranormal romance. Re-read.

This confused me until... well, until just a couple of minutes ago. When I read this, a lot sounded familiar, but I just assumed that I'd mistakenly read a later book out of order, and had learned these details in backstory.

It turns out I had read this one after all, because there are two editions with wildly different covers.

Here's what happened: I read
Fantasy Lover, which also has a different cover now, probably in 2002 or 2003, and promptly bought her next book, this one, and stuck in in my TBR pile, where I forgot about it.

Fast-forward to April, 2004. I went to the pre-WRW retreat-signing at TTP and met Sherrilyn Kenyon and got a signed copy of everything she had available in paperback (except for
Fantasy Lover, which I knew I'd read), including Night Pleasures. The title didn't ring a bell, because the titles of this series are all similar, and the cover definitely didn't ring a bell because it's very different. And I read it, if I remember correctly, as soon as I got home.

So. Now that I've got that all figured out, I've forgotten what I wanted to say about the book. Argh.

Kyrian is a Dark-Hunter, and I'm not going to go into what that is--check Ms. Kenyon's website if you really want to know. Amanda is an accountant (should I rant about the persistent stereotyping of accountant = boring?), the only "normal" member of her family--at least that's what she claims. Hmm. I'm sensing a trend in my recent reading--Women with Psychic Abilities Who Are in Denial About Them... next week on Maury!

Anyway, The Bad Guy, Desiderius, brings Kyrian and Amanda together in what looks like a case of mistaken identity--Amanda's at her vampire-slayer-sister's house when she's abducted--and Amanda wakes up to find herself handcuffed to an unconscious Kyrian.

Kyrian tries to keep his distance, but feels responsible for Amanda's safety. Amanda tries to keep her distance from the whole supernatural thing, but feels she must go along with it to keep Desiderius from going after her sister.

There's action and adventure and supernatural intrigue, and emotional growth for both of them--Kyrian learns to trust, and Amanda learns to embrace the weird. Night Pleasures is a page-turning treat, and I'm looking forward to getting the others out of my TBR pile--ones I haven't already read.


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