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Thursday, December 14, 2006

TT #32

Internet Nostalgia

As we're getting to the end of the year, it's only natural to look back at the past. Okay, so I'm busy today and don't have time to think of anything fancier, but it sounds good, doesn't it? I remember when I first got on the internet. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like things have changed. Everybody's savvier, and I find I actually miss the gullibility innocence from back then.

Remember all those urgent warnings? About 1 cell phones making gas stations explode or 2 drug needles in pay phone coin return slots or 3 fake perfume salesmen in parking lots? Who didn't think twice after receiving one or twenty of these warnings?

And then there were the truly alarming ones, like the 4 kidney thieves, 5 roach eggs in tacos, or 6 snakes in playground ball pits. They didn't seem very realistic, but you knew that the person who sent you the warning was truly concerned for your safety.

We got all up in arms about the prospect of 7 emails being taxed and 8 people growing bonsai kittens and diligently searched the subject lines of our email for the 9 dozens of virus warnings we received every week.

I haven't received one of these in years.

It wasn't all bad news. That 10 Nieman-Marcus cookie recipe was a great and tasty way to get back at big business. There was always the promise that you could 11 get something for forwarding email, even if it was just a cute animation. And who could forget the scores of 12 inspirational stories?

Sure, I got annoyed about the 237th time I was urged not to let my kids play in ball pits at fast food restaurants, and I never did make those Nieman-Marcus cookies (the recipe looked like ordinary chocolate chip to me--not my favorite), but there's something bittersweet about us all growing up.

Sorry this isn't a fancier TT--our daughter's arriving tomorrow for the holidays, and I need to clean the toilets, do some laundry, and we really ought to clean the car's battery terminals and polish the bumpers before the trip. Fortunately, we've got a case of 13 Coca-Cola, so we're all set.

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Darla, I find this TT very creative and not what you thought in the first place! :)

I remember the bonsai kitten story. I remember visiting the site.

When we first got internet access, one of the first places we frequented was Mirsky's Worst of the Web (I think there's a site by that name now, but it isn't the same). Every day, Mirsky would link to something particularly awful. Our favorite (and also our first exposure to internet porn): Slutboy's Web Page.

There's still a Slutboy page on the web, but it's not the same, either.

I'll probably have a thirteen . . . depends on how busy I get tomorrow morn. Thirteen Disquieting Statements, that's what I'm working on. Thirteen Abominations is on the back burner.
HA! I LOVE YOUR LIST!! I can honestly say I never heard anything about the bonsai kitties though...somehow I feel like I didn't miss out :)
My TT is on my Christmas wish list if you wanna check it out!
Great list! :) All those internet myths, urban legends, hoaxes, email forwards, etc.

You must be excited to have your daughter coming to visit - good luck getting ready!

Happy T13. :)
That been an interesting list of the past. I remember some but not all :)

Julia (Julia04kim)
Yes, I am, Caylynn. We'll undoubtedly get on each other's nerves, but it's so much better now that she's no longer a teenager.
This was a great post!
You forgot the kid's being brought into the bathroom's at Walmart only to be physically altered and removed from the store.
Thanks for the memories... the good ole days... LOL
Happy TT
Mine are up.
Great list! My personal fave is the sweetstakes winning. Still waiting for my check, LOL.

And no joke, Chrissie, that did happen at least once, though not at Walmart. The little girl was dressed like a boy and taken from a store.

My TT is up.
Thanks for coming by my Spamalot Thursday Thirteen! I was so late getting it up today.

I loved the whole "cell phones make your car explode" thing. Sheesh.

But what about the special Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, supposedly from Neiman Marcus??
What a great idea for a TT list. I still get some of these emails, but not as many as I used to. My mother-in-law usually sends me ones that deal with safety. I know she cares at least. :)

Thanks for stopping by my site!
Great post!

I've forgotten most of those! (Or at least tried to!)

Have a great Thursday!
i finally figured out a way around this beta blogger comment thing!

I yell at people when they send me emails with this stuff.
I thought it was a wonderful TT. Thanks for visiting mine!
I remember most of those. Great list!
Thanks for visiting my TT!
While I don't remember the "Bonzai Kitten" story, I am laughing my booty off at recognizing the rest!

Great TT! Mine is boring, compared to yours!
I don't remember the bonzaii kitten one either. Huh.

But what a funny and creative list!
Great list. Those email hoaxes are so incredibly annoying and I always end up getting those forwarded to me about 50 times. Argh!
What an awesome list! I laughed remembering how many of each I've received in the past!
I can't get in beta, so I'll just sign this. Great list--funny to look back. Thanks for visiting my TT.

What a clever list Darla, and isn't it true that it is like a nostaligia...shows how much the internet has becoem part of our lives! Even Urban Myths are on the internet...and at the same time if you want to find out what is an urban myth or not (the dwater going down the drains differently on either side of the equator, ha ha) you can use the INTERNET to find out all these silly superstitions...it's so fun!

Terrific list...how are you doing for the holidays? I bet Germany really gets into the holiday season right?

Here is my list, it's kind of about blogging and the joy of comments!

I came here from Angie's blog.
I love this list! Very interesting way to do TT and quite right. I remember all of those stories so well. Bonsai Kittens! ROFL. Ahhh, good times.

Mine's up :-)
Thanks for asking, Candy. I'd be better if I hadn't come down with a cold. :)

The best thing about Germany at Christmas time is the Christmas markets. We're going to one next week. Hopefully, I'll remember the camera and post pictures. It's wonderful.
Ah... and all the wishes I could have made if I would have forwarded these emails on to 5 other people...
Awww Darla! So sorry to hear you down with a cold : ( I hope you get better soon, and all the good vibe coming your way

*Hugs Darla*

Have fun on the trip to the Christmas market!

Julia (Julia04kim)
Oh man, I remember the fear of snakes in ball pits...also fear of needles in ball pits too. I was also one of those naive people that believed you would get something for forwarding an email. (blush)

My 13 are up.
I recently got another @#%$&#^%$$ chain email - all about chain emails!! Love your list.

Happy Thursday and enjoy time with your daughter.
The Internet was probably created for the sole purpose of perpetuating urban myths :) I love your layout. Luckily there aren't snakes in Alaska. Thanks for the comment.
I love your list and I can remember getting all of those. Have fun cleaning the car's battery terminals. My TT is up also.

Merry Christmas!
Ah yes, I remember those days :)
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