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Saturday, December 30, 2006

**** Sleeping with the Fishes by MaryJanice Davidson. Contemporary paranormal romance.

In the front of the book, MJD thanks her editor for keeping Sleeping with the Fishes from being "Betsy with fins" by suggesting the switch to third-person. But the truth is, you know what you're getting with a contemporary paranormal romance by MaryJanice Davidson, and you either like it or you don't. She has a very distinct voice that carries through regardless of the series (though her romantica does have a definitely different tone), and her heroines tend to have similar wisecracking voices.

In Sleeping with the Fishes, Fred is half-mermaid, and her life has just become way too exciting. It starts with her walking in on her parents having sex, which, even for a grown-up, is just too icky to contemplate. Then in short order, a mer-prince arrives and announces she's his queen; she gets a new mermaid-Barbie-clone intern; the fish at the aquarium where she works are on a hunger strike, demanding she play the Pet Shop Boys for them; a hunky new marine biologist arrives and actually sees that her hair is green, not the blue most people see... oh, and someone's dumping waste in the harbor.

It's a fun, fast read, full of humor and one-liners.... if I Love Lucy had fins, this would be the novel version. I'm looking forward to seeing these characters again.


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Cant wait to research this blog..i am trying to read more styles than I usually do..thanks for the recommendation
Cool! I love trying new kinds of books, too. Happy new year!
This is definitely a book fans of MJ will like, but - it probably won't be one that will hook new readers. It isn't bad, and it does have, like you said, her signature humor and smart mouthed characters. I liked it, but she can do better so I have high hopes for the next one.
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