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Monday, December 25, 2006

Flashback: The Pervos

A post over on Balls & Walnuts reminded me of this story, and rather than hijack Doug's comments, I figured I'd post it here. What the heck--my schedule's all shot anyway.

Many moons ago, I was in the Army, in AIT (advanced individual training--this is where I met Carl, by the way). The course was 4 months long, and new classes came in every 6 weeks or so. Classes had about a dozen students.

Because we were stuck in reeeaaally old barracks--open bays, think Private Benjamin--as compensation, we got a lot more freedom than most trainees, and once classes were done for the day, we were cut loose until curfew, and there wasn't a curfew on weekends. There was beer in the day room, and we were allowed to wear civilian clothes.

The class just ahead of us named themselves The Pervos. For good reason. Evenings, they routinely dammed Salado Creek with beer cans. And you had to be careful if you were out walking in the wooded areas, so as not to trip over any drunk &/or copulating Pervos.

Weekends, we'd share cabs and go into town and stay in motels. Though, as we were all mostly broke, we didn't go much further than Austin Highway. The Pervos, being even more broke than the rest of us on account of all the partying, and also being, well, Pervos, all packed themselves into one room.

One memorable Saturday night, we stopped by their room on our way to Rocky's. It's early spring, but it's San Antonio, so it's hot, and it's a cheap motel, so the a/c wasn't working, and the windows were open. We pound on the door, and a couple of Pervos come out, but we're still waiting on a couple more. Finally go to the window, and there they are, in the middle of... well, I suppose it might have been a peculiar form of the Heimlich maneuver, except for being almost entirely unlike that other than the thrusting.

We ask when they'll be ready to leave, and after some discussion, they say they'll meet us there in a half hour or so. And the whole while, the sheet (thank goodness there was a sheet, even if it wasn't completely covering everything) is bouncing up & down, up & down.

Oddly enough, Carl and I, practically poster children for the program (the instructors loved Carl--me, they liked less well, because I kept him from getting the top score in the class), were honorary Pervos. We didn't get a fraction as crazy as they did, but they sure made AIT interesting, and we were sad to see them go when they graduated.




So, um, what made them pervos, other than a healthy appetite for beer and sex? Sounds pretty vanilla to me, Darla ;)
I've no idea. They named themselves before we showed up. :)
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