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Sunday, December 10, 2006

**½ Deck the Halls. Comedy.

Directed by: John Whitesell

Starring: Matthew Broderick, Danny DeVito

Haven't I seen this movie before? The obnoxious new neighbor, the feud between neighbors, the neighbor with so many Christmas lights you can't sleep, the guy who ends up destroying his own house in his fight against someone else, etc., etc.

Deck the Halls takes a tried-and-true plot (or rather, a combination of elements from tried-and-true plots) and adds absolutely nothing new. The performances were fine, and it had funny moments, but it was also absolutely predictable, which was a huge distraction from the comedy. It's hard to be amused when you know exactly what's coming next.

There's a bit of an attempt to make the movie about both men trying to find meaning in their lives, but there's nothing really character-specific in it, and it gets lost among the cliches.

I love holiday movies, but this one won't make it into my collection.


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When you ask if you seen this movie before...

It sound very familiar to Chevy Chase movie "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation", and I like the first original one.
Yep, that's one of the movies it was a lot like. I like the originals better, too.
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