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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

****½ Cupid's Kiss by Karen Harbaugh. Historical paranormal romance.

This is the third in a trilogy of Regencies involving Cupid, aka Eros, aka "Harry", and this time, it's his turn to be smitten. I've read the first one, but haven't found the second yet.

The gods are dying out, and Harry has to find his wife, Psyche, to save them, and with them, the world. He's sensed her at various times, and knows she's entered the cycle of birth and rebirth, and can tell when she's near, but her identity eludes him.

Harry loves his wife, but he's finding himself wanting to spend as much time as possible with Psyche Hathaway, who's been his friend since she was a child. We saw the development of this back in Cupid's Mistake, when young Psyche was the only one who could see Harry unless he made himself visible. But now she's grown up, and he's torn because he's having feelings for her he'd never had for another woman besides The Original Psyche (TOP). And Psyche Hathaway can't be TOP, because there's no spark of recognition from her.

Our heroine Psyche is likewise torn, falling in love with Harry, but knowing that for the sake of the world, she can't have him.

There's a wonderful blend here of romance, humor, and poignancy that's just a joy to read. Harry's "cousin" Artemis shows up at one point, and gets a lovely romance of her own as well.

My only quibbles were that 1) I didn't quite understand how the fate of the gods/the world hinged on Harry finding TOP, and 2) ****spoiler**** it seemed too easy for Psyche to be TOP reincarnated, and like Harry only loved her for being TOP and not for being Psyche Hathaway,**** though this last complaint was addressed fairly satisfactorily in Psyche's thoughts and words.

Now if I could just find Cupid's Darts.


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Have you tried Powells or Alibris? They're fabulous for hard to find books.
Darla, did you cut and paste in the bit at the top that says it's a 'Contemporary paranormal romance'?
heh. Whoops. Yeah, I was obviously on auto-pilot. I'll go fix it.

Okay, I just went & ordered Cupid's Darts at Half.com. There were plenty of copies, so obviously, I could have had it at any time. I just didn't think of it. Thanks for the nudge. :)
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