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Monday, November 13, 2006

***** Conspiracy Game by Christine Feehan. Contemporary paranormal romantic suspense.

Conspiracy Game is the fourth book in the Ghost Walker series about physically and psychically enhanced warriors, and the women who were the guinea pigs for the military enhancement project. It's by far my favorite of Feehan's series.

Briony Jenkins is a performer in her family's circus act. Unknown to her, she's also one of the young women from the original experiment, who'd been adopted out to a family. Her superior physical skills are a benefit in the act, but her extreme empathy, which causes her to feel the emotions of everyone around her, makes being near people physically painful.

Jack Norton rescues his twin Ken from a torturer, only to be captured and tortured himself. He escapes, seriously injured, and senses another Ghostwalker nearby, who turns out to be Briony. In a nice twist, she saves his life, gets him back to her brothers, the eldest of whom knew Jack in the military.

Her brothers keep telling her to stay away from Jack, but whenever she's near him, she has the novel sensation of being without pain because he's an anchor. And the more she's near him, the more they're drawn to each other. They have a brief romantic interlude, then Jack leaves, intending never to return because of demons in his own past.

Hmmm. How much to reveal? I think I'll stop there. Suffice it to say that Jack and Briony were literally made for each other, and that the evil Dr. Whitney is determined to capture Briony, while both he and the African warlord are after Jack.

The suspense kept me on the edge of my seat, with one dangerous situation after another, but just as exciting was the emotional journey of the characters.

Briony is quite possibly one of the strongest heroines Feehan's ever written. Not only does she have the Ghostwalker enhancements, but she's lived her whole life without any support, with nearly constant pain, and she's learned to work around it. What was most heartbreaking was that her family didn't believe her about the pain--they assumed it was all psychological.

Jack has the opposite problem--he's learned not to feel, and he's afraid to be close to anyone but his twin for fear of what he'll do--partially because of years spent as a sniper, and partially because of a horrible, dark secret in his past. He's also endearing, as is Ken (whose story I hope will be written soon), because he's not movie-star handsome. Both brothers are covered with scars.

This series has developed Feehan's famous quirk: soulmates. But I really cannot object, because I like the way it was explained--Dr. Whitney produced mated pairs deliberately so that he could breed his own army. Plus, the pairs haven't just fallen in line with their programming. They end up together, but there's more to it than just pheromones.


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WOW you gave this 5 stars! This make me want to push this one up on my TBR piles now and read it fast! Thank!

I like the first three books of the Ghostwalker series by far. This is one of my favorite series :)
Oooh, I have this in my TBR pile! I'm delighted to see you have graded this 5 stars! But I have to catch up with this series, I haven't read the 2nd book, yet!!!
What can I say? I love this series, and I loved this story. :)
I ditto what you said, Darla. I do *grin*. Been hounding on Melody to read the second book, but so far she isn't listening *sigh*. She will only listen to you, Darla..so go tell her *LOL*
Sorry, Darla. Didn't mean to type this comment but Julia just cracks me up! LOL.
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