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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

**** Entangled by Kathleen Dante. Paranormal erotic romance.

Kiera Stevens is a toy company CEO with a problem: industrial espionage. It's particularly worrying, because her company also deals with defense contracts. So on the advice of her best friend, she hires John Atlantis, a security expert, with the plan to pose as lovers so as not to alert the spy. Sounds like a pretty standard romantic suspense story, doesn't it?

What's unusual is that this takes place in a world where magic goes hand in hand with technology, and Lantis deals with spells, not computers. And the catch is that the security spell entangles the two, with the result that the magic charge raises their sexual desire, and the excess magical energy gets grounded in sex.

I have to say, I was enthralled by the world. I read a lot of urban fantasy that puts magic alongside technology, and a lot of fantasy that uses magic in lieu of technology, but this magic that's used in conjunction with technology in an otherwise contemporary world is new. I loved the spells, and how magic was integrated into everyday life. I loved how high adepts are a sort of equivalent to computer experts.

Unfortunately, there's so much sex in the book that it overshadows the rest of the story. It was great in the beginning, particularly when the result of the security spell became apparent, but after a while, I was impatient to get back to the story. I'd also have liked a little more exploration of what it meant to be "entangled."

Still, there is a decent romantic suspense story in a really exciting world, so I'm not complaining too much.


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Great review, Darla!

I've this one in my TBR pile, didn't realize it is a paranormal (I don't think the cover or blurb mentions this also...unless I overlooked. :P Can't blame me as the cover pic is...ahem...so loud). Nevertheless, can't wait to read this one.

Too bad they don't give you an option of reading the PG version of certain books!
Nope, you're right, Melody--it only mentions the romantic suspense plot on the back cover. Weird.

It does, however clearly say "erotic romance," so that was expected.

LOL, Barbara! I don't mind explicit sex in books--I just didn't expect quite so much of it.
I ended up returning this book to the TBR pile after reading the first few pages. I was expecting erotic romance in a contemporary setting, and the sudden appearance of magic/paranormal-ly stuff was a surprise. I just wasn't in the mood, was looking for a straight up contemporary. Sounds like it was pretty good, though, so maybe I'll pick it up again sometime when I'm in a fantasy-paranormal mood.
Expectations make such a big difference. I don't know why the paranormal stuff was left out of the back cover copy. Big mistake, IMO.
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