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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Captive Dreams. Paranormal erotic romance.


Oh, boy. This book grabbed me from page 1. I love, love, love the premise: sisters Celeste and Corinne are writers--Corinne writes paranormal romance, and Celeste writes science fiction. Two characters, one from each of their series, get together to bring Celeste and Corinne into their fictional worlds, and they're after revenge. If you've read Angela Knight &/or Diane Whiteside before, you won't be surprised to discover that said revenge takes a decidedly sexual bent.

****½ "Bound by the Dragon" by Diane Whiteside.
This is Corinne's story. Mykhayl has been an ongoing character in her fantasy romance series, and she's found HEAs for all his siblings, but hasn't been able to imagine the perfect woman for him. She's also rendered him sterile to prevent any accidental pregnancies and he's really not happy about that.

Unfortunately, the fate of the entire kingdom hangs on Mykhayl producing an heir. Corinne, as a sorceress in this world, may have the power to cure his sterility, but getting him to trust a sorceress, after what she put him through with the Gray Sorceress, may be even more difficult. And meanwhile, Corinne is worrying about Celeste.

***** "Bound by the Dream" by Angela Knight.
Celeste's story. This one's a little darker. Celeste is divorced from an abusive husband who liked to tie her up, so the bondage Jarred, the hero from her science fiction series, puts her through is more difficult for her. And Jarred is not inclined to go easy on her, because she killed his best friend, and if that's not bad enough, in the last conversation he overheard between the sisters, Celeste was discussing how to kill him off.

Jarred's plan is to tame Celeste, to train her as a sexsub, then give her to his friend, the alien slaver De'Lar. He didn't plan on falling for her, and he fights it every inch of the way. There's a nice twist at the end.

The two stories are linked by a common prologue and epilogue, and by the explicit and very steamy sex scenes. (Where can I get one of those racks from "Bound by the Dream"?!) Both authors are skilled at writing sex scenes--there was no awkwardness or coyness to them, and they actually advanced the plots. Most tellingly, for me, anyway: I wasn't tempted to skim them.

I've probably given each story an extra half star because I enjoyed the premise so much, but then my ratings are all about how much I enjoyed the stories, not anything objective, so I'm okay with that.

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