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Thursday, August 31, 2006

****½ Shadow of the Moon by Rebecca York. Contemporary paranormal romance.

Lance Marshall and Savannah Carpenter first meet outside a sex club in D.C., although Savannah doesn't realize it. Savannah is an artist who was looking for information about her sister who's in a coma after what the police tell her was an accidental fall from a cliff. She's caught by the security guards, but rescued by Lance... in wolf form.

Lance is a werewolf, and an investigative reporter. He's heard some stories about the club and is checking it out to write an exposé.

Turns out the basement of the club houses a portal to another dimension, and a being from that dimension that feeds on and affects human emotions, which makes the club such a success--it influences them to act on their deepest, darkest desires.

With the help of a client and an employee of the club, and several members of the Marshall clan, they solve the mystery and save themselves, and fall in love along the way.

I'm always impressed with the variety Rebecca York brings to this series. Lance's career as an investigative reporter is a good example--it's a natural choice for a werewolf, but not one you see all that often.

The existence of other dimensions has already been introduced in this series, back in Edge of the Moon, so it comes as no surprise, though this dimension is different from the previous one... or at least the creature is different. There's an intriguing peek at life inside that dimension, and a woman, Rinna, who hunts those creatures. I'm hoping assured that she'll be featured in a future story.


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Wasn't Shadow of the Moon great!? I like it that we seen another dimension - Rinna was one person I was curious about and was hoping to know more about her. I'm so glad that her story will be in the next installment :)

Have you put your notes at Berkley Jove Authors yet? *grin*
Yeah, I really enjoyed it. I like how this series just keeps expanding in different directions.

And yes, I posted once at B/J. I need to post again. No time. *sigh*
Me too -- Me too! Love how there is alway something "different" and new demension too. Lot of different direction to look forward to! :)

Yeah - I better go back and post a reply at B/J too *sigh*...but...how am I doing so far? *grin*
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