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Monday, August 28, 2006

****½ Sea Swept by Nora Roberts. Contemporary romance. Re-read.

I'm not sure how many times I've read this. Four, maybe? It's been a while since the last time I read it (December, 2002, to be exact, so maybe this is only the 3rd time I've read it), but I remembered the plot and characters pretty well and figured I might have exaggerated how much I liked it. After all, 4 years ago I was much less critical than I am now. I certainly didn't think it would make me cry. Sheesh.

Cameron Quinn races boats, drives fast cars, and prefers fast women. Until one day when he's just won doing the first and is preparing to entertain one of the third, he gets a fax ripping his world apart.

His father has been in a car accident and isn't expected to survive.

As if Ray Quinn's death wasn't enough, he left his three sons (all adopted as young teens after troubled childhoods) with the responsibility for another boy, Seth.

As if that weren't enough, Ray's adoption of Seth wasn't yet final, and it's going to be an uphill climb to fulfill their promise to their father and keep him.

So after years of excitement, traveling the world, Cam finds himself back home, trying to parent a surly 10-year-old, and faced with the grim prospects of both housework and having to get a job. The only bright spot is the sexy social worker he has to impress.

Sea Swept is a romance novel. It's in the minority of romances, however, in that it's very much the hero's story rather than the heroine's. Anna's a great character, but she's already overcome the tragedy in her past, and her only problem is resolving the conflict between her personal and professional lives.

Cam, however, completely changes his life, and it's an extremely well-written, affecting story of how he goes from planning to stick it out for just six months to falling in love, both with Anna and his new brother, and finding a new purpose in life.


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This was the first Nora Roberts I read, and it is still my favourite! Just love this whole series!
This happen to be one of my favorite series of Nora Roberts. I love the Quinns!
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