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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

**** Loyalty in Death by J. D. Robb. Futuristic romantic suspense.

This tenth installment in the In Death series gives readers a bit of a break after the intensity of the previous book, Conspiracy in Death.

Instead of a murderer or a serial killer, this time NYPSD homicide lieutenant Eve Dallas is up against terrorists who are bent on blowing up NYC landmarks. (This was first published in 1999, and the Twin Towers are mentioned, but spared.)

Despite the subject that is now a much more serious one, Loyalty in Death is the over-the-top installment. From the first murder, with a power drill, to the last scene that has Roarke ****spoiler**** dangling from the Statue of Liberty,**** the book is larger than life. Not that the 2059 setting isn't larger than life anyway, but it's moreso than usual.

Which is not to say that Loyalty doesn't have its serious moments. We're introduced to Officer Peabody's younger brother Zeke, whose tender and trusting heart gets him into trouble. And there are developments between Peabody and the thorn in her side, McNab. There's even a scene with an E & B (explosives & bombs?) lieutenant that had me near tears.

I had a problem with the first murder, and the motives of the terrorist group were murky--perhaps deliberately so, but I'd have liked more resolution there.

Still, it's an exciting, lively story, and the developments in the personal lives of several of the characters are well worth the read.


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