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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

****½ Hunting the Hunter by Shiloh Walker. Contemporary paranormal romance.

I've really got to get caught up on writing about all these books. I jot down the rating as soon as I finish a book, but by the time I write about it, I'm forgetting the details and what I wanted to say about it. Yes, I could jot down a few details along with the rating, but that would be admitting that I'm not going to get it posted here any time soon, wouldn't it?

So instead, I peruse the Amazon reviews to refresh my memory. In this case, it confused me a bit, as quite a few of the reviewers complained about the lack of worldbuilding, and I'm pretty sure that wasn't something that bothered me at all. Hunting the Hunter takes place in a world that is our world, with vampires and shapeshifters thrown in. I trust that we'll discover more about the various supernatural types and the Hunter organization as the series progresses. There was enough worldbuilding in this book for it to make sense to me, and that's all I needed.

At the beginning of the book, hero Kane and his friend Duke, a shapeshifing big cat, are bounty hunters. In the process of taking down a drug dealer, they're attacked by vampires, and the last thing Kane remembers is Duke bleeding to death and a female vampire psychically knocking him out.

From then on, Kane's goal in life is to avenge Duke's death by hunting vampires. Then he meets Kendall, and discovers that the vampire he thought had killed Duke is actually a Hunter, and that there's another danger out there they'll have to work together to overcome.

The characters are interesting and complex, and there was a realism to them beyond the lone-hunter stereotype. It was unusual to have a vampire heroine and human hero, but the power difference was balanced somewhat by Kane's partial immunity to vampire mind-control.

I'll be looking forward to the next book in this series.


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