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Friday, August 18, 2006

*** Boys in Blue. Anthology. Romantic suspense.

This anthology is a little different, in that forms a single story with three romances in it, about three brothers on the NOPD.

  • "Jordan" by Rebecca York. This is the first novella, and it introduces the mystery plot: someone drops dead during Voodoo Night at Camille DuPree's restaurant, and her ex-boyfriend, Jordan O'Reilly, is on the spot, moonlighting as a security guard. They have to deal with unfinished business between them, as well as the murder, and someone terrorizing Camille.

  • "Liam" by Ann Voss Peterson. Then an ambitious cop, Yancy, arrests Jordan for the murder, and big brother Liam joins forces with defense attorney Simone Jones to get him free and solve the case--and find themselves in danger as well. They also have to deal with the usual cop/attorney animosity.

  • "Zachary" by Patricia Rosemoor. In the final novella, illegitimate brother Zachary Doucet is pulled into the case and teams up with Yancy's partner Rebecca Romero, who believes Yancy's gone too far. Zachary and Rebecca were ex-partners, and she's the one responsible for him losing out on a promotion because of bending the rules.
It was a pleasant enough story, an entertaining way to spend a couple of hours, but nothing special. It's set in New Orleans, but despite the voodoo theme, I didn't really feel it. Except for the end of the story that takes place in a New Orleans cemetary, it could have been in any U.S. city.

In addition, there were a couple of things that didn't really ring true. First, I had trouble believing that Yancy could make his case against Jordan stick. Then, ****spoiler****I couldn't believe that in a city the size of New Orleans that one restaurant could be enough of a threat to another restaurant to warrant that amount of sabotage and harrassment.**** The separated lovers has been over-done, especially ****spoiler****the parents stealing their letters to each other****. And finally, the animosity between Jordan and Zachary because Zachary's existence means that Jordan isn't the "first-born son" drove me nuts. Does anyone really think that way?

I'd bought the anthology for the Rebecca York story, but I found it not up to her usual standards. Eh. Everyone's entitled to a dud now and then, particularly an author as prolific as York. I won't hold it against her.


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