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Monday, July 31, 2006

**** Until Forever by Johanna Lindsey. Time-travel romance.

This is an unusual time-travel romance. Instead of one of the characters traveling in time and then finding their true love, these characters go back and forth in time.

Roseleen, a history professor and collector of antique weapons, has just made the coup of a lifetime: a medieval sword, "Blooddrinker's Curse." She had to buy it through her step-brother, as the previous owner was convinced that a woman must never be allowed to own the sword.

Understandably, because when a woman holds it, she summons its owner, Thorn Blooddrinker, from Valhalla, and he's cursed to obey her every command.

Roseleen's confusion and disbelief is well-done, falling between unbelievable credulity and boring (if probably realistic) insistence on disbelief that goes on too long. Thorn's reactions, too, are realistic--he's angry at being summoned, particularly when the woman summoning him doesn't seem to have any reason for it.

Their falling in love is a given, and unfortunately, as such, it's not particularly believable. I believe they're in lust with each other, and I believe that history professor Roseleen finds an actual Viking warrior fascinating. I just don't see true love. But I'm notoriously skeptical.

What made the book for me was when their time-traveling (Thorn can go to any time in which the sword has existed, and he likes going to battles) causes changes that are evident when they return to the present. Trying to figure out what they'd changed and how, and going back to fix things was lots of fun, reminiscent of The Butterfly Effect.


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This sounds good - if only for the time travel aspect!
That was the best part, I thought. I'd recommend it.
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