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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

****½ Seducing Sir Oliver by Nicole Byrd. Historical romance.

This is the 7th book in Nicole Byrd's Sinclair family series. The series arc has Gabriel Sinclair searching for his birth father. In Seducing Sir Oliver, he's found him, and at the same time finds 5 half-sisters, all living in genteel poverty that's only getting worse.

Unable to hold on to his anger and resentment, Gabriel invites one of his sisters back to London with him, to help her make a place in society.

Juliana is unable to stay with Gabriel because of a measles outbreak in his home, so family friend Lady Sealey invites Juliana to stay with her, along with her godson, the Sir Oliver of the title.

Juliana and Oliver quickly find a common interest--and mutual attraction--when they join forces to recapture the monkey that's part of Oliver's zoology studies.

Seducing Sir Oliver is a rollicking story of animal misadventures (there are big cats and a snake in addition to the monkey), threatening notes to Lady Sealey, a determined would-be fiancee, and both Juliana and Oliver thinking the other deserves better than themselves. It has, like the rest of the books in the series, Nicole Byrd's trademark blend of romance, mystery, wit, and sensuality.

The next book is about Juliana's twin sisters. I can hardly wait.


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