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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

**** Wicked Pleasure by Nina Bangs. Contemporary paranormal romance.

I liked this one marginally better than
Wicked Nights for a couple of reasons. While the supernatural matchmakers are still present, there's much less nagging going on, which was a big relief, and the sex, while still the focus of the story, was less self-consciously "ooh, daring!" The featured candy this time was red blow-pops--kinda goofy and obvious, but as they weren't mentioned on every second page, I didn't mind them.

Brynn is a sex-cursed demon. For 500 years, every time he's with a woman for one hour, he's under a compulsion to strip and offer her sex. Kim is a demon hunter. Both of them want nothing more than to be "normal". Which is the third reason for liking this one a bit better--there's a reason for Kim and Brynn to fall in love, even if all we see in the story is the lust.

There's an infestation of demons in Galveston, and Kim and Brynn and the rest of the inhabitants of the Castle of Dark Dreams as well as Kim's trigger-happy demon hunting family have to band together to stop it. They're aided by Kim's sentient demon detector, a cute character in itself.

One thing I do have to mention--Bangs does a great job of fitting the characters from the previous book in naturally instead of shoehorning them in. No
"oh, look who dropped by--Joe and Sue, who got married after all these problems and Sue's already expecting a baby boy who they'll name Jimmy and gosh, we hope their dog Waldo and their cat Frisky won't be too jealous" and then they never show up again
scene. (one of my pet peeves, in case the sarcasm wasn't clear enough)

It's a cute story, but don't expect anything more than some giggles and steam.


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what a curse to be "blessed with" (?) :D
btw, HOW many books do you read a day? i just can't keep up! i have been trying to finish one book for the past 3 months!!
Funny you should say that--the being who gave the hero the curse thought he was doing him a favor. It did have a little subtext about free will--probably another reason I liked it better than its predecessor.

I read about a book a day. More or less depending on what else is going on in my life.

Don't feel bad--my husband's been reading the same book for about 3 months, too.
OMG!!!! any tips on improving my reading speed?!!!! i love reading, i just feel like i don't have the time...
It's not so much the speed as it is reading instead of doing other things. I don't watch TV, for example, except for one episode of whatever show we're watching on DVD 4 or 5 nights a week.

Well, that and CFS, which means lying down & resting several times a day.
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